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Soup and Scoop Mediterranean Café Expands to Jewelry and Watches with Susie’s Gems and Jewels

by Madonna

Green Oak Township now hosts more than just a dining experience at the Soup and Scoop Mediterranean Café, as Susie Ansara, the café’s owner, has expanded her business to include a jewelry and watch shop, Susie’s Gems and Jewels. Located at 10630 Rushton Road, Suite 5, the newly opened store shares a space with Soup and Scoop and offers a unique combination of dining, jewelry, and customizable stuffed animals.

Susie’s Gems and Jewels celebrated its grand opening on December 6, featuring a range of jewelry, watches, and accessories. The store is not only a showcase for Ansara’s passion for jewelry but also a reflection of her family’s longstanding tradition in the industry, dating back to her great-grandparents.


The store’s offerings include a variety of jewelry, from fine gold, silver, diamond, and designer pieces to costume jewelry. Additionally, Susie’s Gems and Jewels provides appraisal services, consignment options, and engages in buying and selling gold and silver. The selection also includes small antiques like clocks and fine décor items.


The store stands out by offering custom jewelry services, allowing customers to bring in a picture or an idea, and have a personalized piece created. Ansara sources her products from various channels, including vendors, designer brands like Tiffany and Swarovski, as well as consigners and estate sales.


In addition to the adult-oriented offerings, Ansara has included products for children inspired by her grandchildren. “Sofia’s Mystery Bags,” named after her oldest granddaughter, provide customers with an opportunity to create children’s necklaces and bracelets with different beads and rhinestones. The store’s customizable stuffed animals, including bears, unicorns, and dinosaurs, allow customers to select an outfit, record a voice message, and receive a birth certificate for their stuffed creation.

The grand opening event saw Ansara being honored with a certificate of recognition from U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s field representative Katy Michalski, acknowledging her support and contributions to the local business community, school district, and first responders. The new venture adds a sparkle to Green Oak Township, bringing together culinary delights and sparkling jewels under one roof.


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