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Sid Anderson of Sidadel Jewelers: Crafting Art and Heirlooms with Old-School Charm

by Madonna

Casually nestled along 2nd Street in downtown Casper, Wyoming, Sid Anderson operates his unassuming yet enchanting jewelry shop, Sidadel Jewelers. The small, hole-in-the-wall establishment may be easy to overlook, but within its confines, Anderson dedicates hours to the meticulous creation of timeless artworks, each a potential family heirloom.

A gold and silversmith by trade, Anderson’s passion for crafting beautiful things permeates his unique, handmade jewelry. His workshop, seemingly a relic from decades past, evokes the ambiance of a bygone era, a deliberate choice that resonates with his artistic vision.


“If you can dream it up, I can make it,” Anderson confidently asserts, showcasing his commitment to turning imaginative visions into tangible pieces of art. However, there are limits to his creativity—childhood cysts and antelope horns made of hair are firmly excluded from his repertoire. Elk teeth, on the other hand, are a welcome addition.


Anderson’s journey into the world of metals began after a divorce led him to reevaluate his life. Armed with a teaching degree that proved unsuitable during an internship, he embarked on a new path inspired by a cheerful jeweler named Michael. Drawn to the joy he saw in Michael, Anderson decided to become a jeweler himself, enrolling in jewelry college in Texas with uncertain expectations.


Now, as a gold and silver craftsman, Anderson employs hand tools and ancient techniques, taking inspiration from the craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians. Initially hoping to engage younger clients with an eye on engagement and wedding rings, he found his niche in collaborating with people to transform their jewelry ideas into reality.

His workshop has become a haven for those seeking to immortalize their concepts in the form of wearable art. Rejecting the notion of developing a singular style, Anderson embraces versatility and continuous learning.

“A lot of people think every artist should develop a style, and I disagree with that. The more versatile you are, the more you have to offer,” he explains.

Anderson’s creativity extends beyond traditional materials. For instance, during a stroll in a city park, he stumbled upon a deceased moth, which he later cast in metal, creating a unique piece of art that found a new home with an appreciative customer.

While some cowboys express interest in custom belt buckles, the costs associated with handcrafting such items can sometimes deter them. Despite challenges, Anderson remains dedicated to his craft, employing techniques that include using legal ivory from elk teeth, a process that involves meticulous drying and preservation.

In his small shop, adorned with jewelry manuals and wax forms showcasing his capabilities, Anderson finds inspiration in unexpected places. Apprentices, often young minds eager to learn, have brought fresh perspectives, preventing him from falling into creative stagnation.

Reflecting on the evolution of his craft, Anderson acknowledges the modern tools at his disposal, such as computer-assisted design software and 3D printers. However, he emphasizes that the fundamental methods, rooted in ancient traditions like sand and wax casting, have endured.

While Sidadel Jewelers may appear inconspicuous, within its walls, Sid Anderson weaves tales of artistry, creativity, and the timeless allure of handcrafted jewelry—an oasis of old-school charm in the heart of Casper.


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