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Texas’s Preferred Gemstones for Christmas Unveiled in Recent Study

by Madonna

DALLAS – New research conducted by diamond engagement ring and fine jewelry experts, Mark Broumand, has shed light on the most sought-after gemstones in Texas this Christmas. The study analyzed Google search data for over 45 gemstones and nearly 500 keywords over the past ten months, revealing a notable rise in the popularity of moissanite as a more affordable alternative to the coveted diamond.

The findings indicated a remarkable 131 percent surge in online searches for moissanite over the last five years, positioning it as the second most favored gemstone in Texas. Boasting an impressive 277,880 monthly U.S. searches, moissanite rings, necklaces, and earrings have garnered significant interest.


States such as Kentucky, Utah, and Nebraska have experienced monthly search volumes as high as 3,650, indicating a widespread appeal. Often mistaken for diamonds due to its appearance, moissanite’s appeal lies in its cost-effective nature, attributed to its lab-grown origin, making it an environmentally conscious choice.


A spokesperson from Mark Broumand commented on the study, emphasizing the evolving gemstone market and the growing interest in alternatives like moissanite. As consumers increasingly seek sustainable and budget-friendly options, moissanite emerges as a brilliant choice that not only captivates but also instills confidence in the purchase.


Diamonds continue to dominate as the top choice in Texas and 38 other states, with an average of 370,061 monthly searches across the United States. Revered for centuries as a symbol of luxury, diamonds adorn the engagement rings of iconic figures, including recent stars like Barbara Palvin and Millie Bobby Brown. The popularity of diamonds extends to social media, with “#diamond” amassing 24 million TikTok views weekly across the U.S.

Following closely on Texas’s preferred gemstone list is the timeless pearl, an organic gem with historical significance. Garnering 211,062 monthly searches nationwide, pearls claim the second spot in popularity in states such as California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. The gem has experienced a notable 212.5 percent rise in Pinterest popularity since January.

Emerald secures the fourth position in Texas’s gemstone hierarchy, with 175,145 monthly U.S. searches. Almost 20 times rarer than diamonds, emeralds boast a history dating back nearly three billion years and have adorned icons like Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry. States such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia witness search volumes as high as 6,701, with a 45% increase in online searches over the past five years.

Rounding out the top five in Texas is opal, a unique gemstone celebrated for its iridescent array of colors. With 161,870 monthly U.S. searches, opal has garnered over one billion TikTok views worldwide in the past 12 months under “#opal”. Australia, responsible for 95% of the world’s supply, sees notable figures like Cate Blanchett showcasing opal on the red carpet.


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