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Anne Hathaway Shines in Bulgari’s Holiday 2023 Collection, Merging Elegance and Festive Glamour

by Madonna

Bulgari’s Holiday 2023 collection, unveiled last month, has emerged as a captivating highlight of this festive season, enchanting jewelry enthusiasts and lovers of all things beautiful. The collection, themed around light, symbolizes joy, hope, unity, and spiritual enlightenment, making it particularly meaningful during this special time of the year.

Radiating the warmth of the holiday spirit, the collection features warm tones like rose and yellow gold, complemented by the crystalline beauty of sparkling diamonds and bold gemstones. The ensemble encourages wearers to savor everyday moments, especially those spent with loved ones. Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway, reprising her role as Bulgari’s brand ambassador, takes center stage in the holiday campaign, marking a groundbreaking moment as the first ambassador to headline a Bulgari holiday campaign.


Hathaway elegantly showcases the collection’s diversity, ranging from delicate pendants and subtly engraved bangles to statement pieces adorned with green tourmaline and rubellite stones in classic Christmas hues. Bulgari’s iconic serpent motif, gracefully entwined in glittering gold, remains a centerpiece, captivating with cuff timepieces, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The Serpenti pieces seamlessly blend traditional Greek and Roman symbolism with contemporary design, ensuring their timeless allure.


The collection extends beyond jewelry, featuring angular gold-plated sunglasses and miniature handbags crafted from buttery-soft calf leather with ornate snakehead clasps. The Diva Dreams contemporary jewelry line makes a notable appearance, presenting three modern and tasteful designs that align seamlessly with the collection’s ethos.


In a nod to modernity, Bulgari introduces an innovative experience titled “Celebrating Magnificent Wonders” for Christmas. Powered by generative AI, this feature allows users to create and send personalized greeting cards inspired by Bulgari’s iconic designs, infusing a contemporary touch into traditional holiday greetings.

Bulgari’s Holiday 2023 Collection transcends the realms of exquisite showcase; it becomes a celebration of the season and an homage to the memories waiting to be created amid the splendor of our world. This collection serves as a poignant reminder that the Christmas season is all about magnificence shining through, beautifully encapsulated by Bulgari’s artistry and craftsmanship.


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