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Lori Hirshleifer: A Master of the Jewelry Stack Reveals the Art Behind Her Collection

by Madonna

Lori Hirshleifer, part of the fourth and fifth-generation owners of the iconic Hirshleifers, is not only continuing her family’s over 100-year legacy but has also become a social media sensation for her impeccable jewelry stacks. From a modest Brooklyn-based furrier in 1910, Hirshleifers has transformed into a sprawling 25,000-square-foot luxury retail space in Manhasset, New York, offering a curated selection of renowned designer brands like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga.

In a recent Zoom call from the new VIP jewelry room, Lori shares the evolution of the store, shedding light on its journey into the world of jewelry, which gained significant momentum in the past decade. “It’s my favorite place in the store to be because you could just play all day. It’s so much fun,” Lori remarks, emphasizing the joy she finds in curating and showcasing jewelry.


Lori’s personal jewelry collection is a testament to her refined taste and ability to spot emerging talents in the jewelry space. Her Instagram serves as a treasure trove for those seeking new brands. She discusses her everyday jewelry, noting the constant rotation based on her mood. Brands like Chrome Hearts, Hoorsenbuhs, Shamballa, and Spinelli are staples, while newer additions like a coral cuff by Dezso and Uniform Object reflect her evolving preferences.


When asked about the secret to mastering the art of stacking, Lori advises to “just touch and feel and see what feels right to you.” She emphasizes the importance of experimentation, describing the process as a passion that brings her immense happiness.


Notable designers on Lori’s radar include Sara Beltran of Dezso and Prounis, both celebrated for their unique aesthetics. Lori singles out her most special piece, a vintage Cartier Snoopy necklace, acquired by her husband through an auction site, commemorating their beloved golden retriever named Snoopy.

As for dream additions, Lori expresses a desire for a Cartier Crash watch, acknowledging its incredible allure. Her watch choices range from a Cartier Tank with diamonds on a green alligator strap to her favorite, the Rolex green face Daytona, a John Mayer edition.

While Lori doesn’t identify a specific jewelry icon, she shares a captivating story about Daphne Guinness, appreciating her unapologetic display of opulence by swimming in a pool adorned in diamonds. This anecdote encapsulates Lori’s admiration for the bold and extraordinary in the world of jewelry.

Lori Hirshleifer’s journey through the art of the jewelry stack serves as an inspiration for enthusiasts and showcases the ever-evolving landscape of luxury and personal expression within the realm of fine jewelry.


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