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The 1916 Company Launches Traveling Jewelry Exhibition Featuring Contemporary Designers

by Madonna

In a significant expansion move earlier this month, Watchbox and Govberg Jewelers joined forces with Hyde Park Jewelers and Radcliffe to establish The 1916 Company. This venture, rooted in a commitment to education and experiences, aims to bring the collecting community closer through immersive initiatives within each brand’s product categories. As part of this mission, The 1916 Company has collaborated with Eléonor Picciotto, a seasoned professional in the watch and jewelry industry, and founder of The Eye of Jewelry, to curate a captivating traveling jewelry exhibition.

Kicking off in Miami this month and scheduled to move to New York City and Baltimore next month, the exhibition focuses on offering an engaging experience to jewelry enthusiasts. Picciotto’s background in the watch industry and commitment to education align seamlessly with the mission of The 1916 Company, creating a synergy that promises a unique and enriching exhibition.


The immersive exhibition, running until December 1 in Miami, will showcase the works of four contemporary designers. Suzanne Syz, renowned for her unconventional designs influenced by collaborations with art legends like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, will be a highlighted presence. Her jewelry, characterized by vibrant colors, audacious compositions, and unconventional materials, serves as instant conversation pieces.


Accompanying Syz are designs from Alexandra Rosier, Selim Mouzannar, and Elie Top. Rosier’s collections intricately blend traditional artistry with contemporary design techniques, creating a harmonious fusion of gemstones and raw materials. Mouzannar, similarly, marries heritage and innovation, drawing on ancient techniques that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of the Middle East. Elie Top brings an avant-garde approach, intertwining the mystique of ancient civilizations and the wonders of the natural world with contemporary techniques.


The exhibition is slated to reach New York City from December 4-6 and will continue to Baltimore on December 9 during Radcliffe’s 25th Annual Holiday Show. Attendees can register for the Miami exhibition here and for the New York City exhibition by following this link. The traveling jewelry exhibition promises an insightful exploration of contemporary designs and the stories behind them, marking a collaborative endeavor to elevate the jewelry collecting experience.


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