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The Line x Gemfields Unveils “Songbird” Collection, a Harmonious Blend of Gemstones and Indian Elegance

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In a captivating fusion of culture and craftsmanship, The Line, a distinguished jewellery label rooted in the UAE and India, has unveiled its latest fine jewellery collection, “Songbird,” in collaboration with Gemfields. The collection marries Gemfields’ exquisite Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds with delicate pearls, paying homage to Indian traditions, history, and artistry. The vision behind “Songbird” is to bring high-fashion gemstone jewellery into the everyday realm, making it easily accessible to all.

Founded in 2015 and based in the UAE and India, The Line has carved a niche in the jewellery industry, and this collaboration with Gemfields adds another dimension to its creative repertoire. The collection draws inspiration from classic Indian jewellery silhouettes, featuring crescent-shaped hoops, string necklaces, flowering earpieces, shoulder-dusting chandelier earrings, and regal chokers. Crafted meticulously from 18k yellow gold, each piece reflects the timeless elegance of Indian design.


The gemstones featured in the “Songbird” collection are sourced from Gemfields, a leading responsible miner of coloured gemstones. Vibrant rubies from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique and verdant emeralds from the Kagem mine in Zambia take center stage, showcasing the rich palette of nature’s gems.


Natasha Khurana, the founder of The Line, who divides her time between Dubai and New Delhi, expresses a profound connection to India and its legacy of jewellery craftsmanship. Khurana’s passion for gems is evident in her words: “I remember the first time I saw gems, in a packet, loose, unadorned. The colour, the fire of rubies and emeralds! I lost my heart. Gems are what drew me to jewellery as a career. I believe we need to do very little by way of bejewelling gems: when they are this beautiful, they speak for themselves.”


Khurana approaches the weighty legacy of Indian jewel-making with a light touch, capturing the spirit of a people who have adorned themselves with extravagant pieces daily for centuries. This tradition, deeply ingrained in Indian culture, is reflected in religious paintings and archival photographs of Indian royal courts.

Emily Dungey, Director of Marketing and Communications, expresses delight in witnessing the play of light through these exquisite gemstones. She remarks, “Here is a collection that heroes the versatility of coloured gems – equally as captivating in a playful ear climber as they are in recognizable silhouettes, such as the adorned hoops. The Line perfectly marries wearability with a charismatic twist and an elegant simplicity, elevated by the entrancing flicker of dancing-coloured gemstones.” The “Songbird” collection promises to be a celebration of cultural heritage and the timeless allure of fine jewellery.


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