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Danat Gem Certifications Experience 70% Surge at Jewellery Arabia Exhibition

by Madonna

Manama- The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (Danat) has reported a remarkable increase of over 70% in the issuance of inspection certificates for pearls, gemstones, and jewellery during the Jewellery Arabia Exhibition compared to the previous year.

Conducted at Exhibition World Bahrain, the exhibition witnessed an exceptional response to Danat’s innovative instant certification service. Drawing substantial crowds, Danat’s pavilion catered to visitors eager to scrutinize their acquisitions of precious jewellery, rosaries, pearls, gemstones, gold, and diamond collections.


The rapid and efficient inspection and certification process, completed within minutes and conveniently delivered through the Danat mobile app, played a pivotal role in attracting visitors, according to an official statement.


Furthermore, Danat’s dedicated team went the extra mile, meticulously inspecting various components and providing comprehensive inspection reports that instilled confidence in customers regarding the quality and authenticity of their purchases.


Danat’s ‘Oyster Shucking’ experiences for exhibition attendees saw a surge of more than 80%, offering a unique opportunity to unveil the pearls concealed within oysters. This engaging activity garnered substantial interest, with visitors expressing their delight in this distinctive experience that Danat said holds both special value and creates unforgettable memories.

Attendees praised the initiative for enhancing their understanding of interacting with oysters and providing them with the chance to acquire the pearls inside, according to Danat.

Noora Jamsheer, CEO of Danat Institute, commented on the success, stating: “We take great pride in the resounding success of our presence at this year’s Jewellery Arabia Show. The Danat booths drew attention from both local and international visitors, highlighting our commitment to promoting not only Danat but also the Kingdom of Bahrain as a premier destination for pearl extraction and trade and the examination of jewellery, gemstones, gold, diamonds, and issue-related certifications.

“The exclusive services offered to exhibition attendees experienced a substantial turnout and widespread acclaim, underscoring our ongoing dedication to establishing Danat and Bahrain as key players in the global jewellery and gemstone industry.

“We were delighted to showcase a diverse array of services and activities to visitors at our booths. These offerings encompassed cutting-edge inspection services utilizing the latest international equipment and technologies, captivating displays of rare natural Bahraini pearls, immersive oyster shucking experiences, and instructive training courses and workshops facilitated by our most skilled experts.

“Our participation not only facilitated networking opportunities with our esteemed customers and partners but also enabled us to forge new connections, expanding our network of professional collaborators. This engagement played a crucial role in fortifying our relationships, solidifying our pivotal position in the jewellery sector, and enhancing our global reputation as the foremost laboratory for pearl and gemstone testing and evaluation services.”


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