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Lutherville-Timonium Jewelry Designer’s Earrings Featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List for 2023

by Madonna

Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland, is in the spotlight as a local jewelry designer’s earrings have made it to Oprah’s highly anticipated Favorite Things list for 2023.

The “Perfect O-Cassion Earring Case” by Sterling Forever, based in Lutherville-Timonium, is one of the standout items on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2023. The earring case offers a variety of hoop and stud earrings and comes with a luxurious purple travel case.


As Oprah herself describes it on, this earring case is not just for travel but rather a treasure chest that includes five hand-picked earring styles suitable for various occasions, from casual day trips to black-tie weddings. The case also provides ample space for other essential jewelry pieces.


The Perfect O-Cassion Earring Case from Sterling Forever includes five different pairs of earrings, encompassing elegant studs to bold hoop earrings, available in either gold or silver. These earrings are presented in a faux leather and microsuede purple travel case, striking a balance between style and convenience. Although the set has a retail value of $399, it is offered to customers at a price of $116.


Oprah’s Favorite Things list is a highly anticipated holiday shopping guide that features a wide range of ingenious gadgets, sustainable fashion items, delightful desserts, and top finds in home decor, fashion, and beauty, with nearly 50 gifts priced under $50.

Mike Cooke, the founder of Sterling Forever, began his journey in the jewelry industry by selling his mother’s old jewelry from his parents’ basement at the age of 15. Over time, he assembled a team of experts and founded Sterling Forever with a mission to create trendy and stylish jewelry that is accessible to all.

Now, Sterling Forever has achieved a notable milestone by earning a spot on Oprah’s prestigious list. The annual gift guide from Oprah Winfrey is available on, featuring more than 100 thoughtfully curated items from small-business owners, including women-owned, Black-owned, and other minority-owned businesses from across the country.


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