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Midland Gem and Mineral Society Celebrates Milestone 60th Annual Show

by Madonna

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – The Midland Gem and Mineral Society recently marked a significant milestone as they hosted their 60th annual show at the esteemed Bush Convention Center over the weekend. This grand event served as a testament to the enduring allure of gems, minerals, and fossils.

The show played host to a distinguished lineup of over twenty vendors, hailing from not only Texas but also various corners of the United States. These vendors treated attendees to a diverse array of offerings, from handcrafted jewelry to exquisite mineral and fossil specimens.


Crystal Gazaway, a member of the Midland Gem and Mineral Society, expressed the multifaceted nature of the event, stating, “We have demonstrations going you can watch and learn. There are silent auctions you can purchase from. You have many vendors that have different things from all over the world.”


The event also featured captivating live demonstrations, with skilled artisans showcasing the art of cutting rocks and the delicate process of polishing minerals. Attendees were particularly enamored with the vast selection of geodes, which held the promise of hidden crystals waiting to be unveiled. Gazaway added, “Definitely the geodes. You have an ancient rock that no one has ever seen inside. They get to have them cut inside when they pick out a geode. The customers are the first ones to see what’s inside. It’s kind of a magical moment.”


This annual show not only celebrates the inherent beauty of nature’s treasures but also serves as an educational platform. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about the myriad products that can be crafted from rock minerals. Craig Tellinghuisen, another dedicated member of the Midland Gem and Mineral Society, emphasized the importance of this outreach, noting, “To share to the community and maybe introduce them to the beauty of nature and things that can be done with natural products.”

With a legacy spanning six decades, the Midland Gem and Mineral Society remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating interest and appreciation for these extraordinary gifts of the Earth. Their hope is to continue this cherished annual tradition, with a vision to attract more enthusiasts to join their ranks. Tellinghuisen underlined the intergenerational appeal of the society, stating, “There are new people coming in, and we oldies like to introduce the younger folks and get them involved. Pretty soon, they are introducing their children, and it goes from generation to generation.”

While the grand annual show is a cherished tradition in the fall, the Midland Gem and Mineral Society has exciting plans for another event in the early spring, ensuring that their legacy continues to shine brightly.


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