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The 11 Must-Have Statement Jewels for the Holiday Season

by Madonna

The holiday season brings the delight of preparing and unwrapping loved ones’ stockings, with small-scale surprises often carrying the most meaning. This year, don’t underestimate the power of rings, earrings, and bracelets that can brighten anyone’s stocking. Whether you’re sourcing antique gems or designs from exotic locations, the key is to select petite pieces that make a visual impact and tell a story.

Here are the top jewelry pieces for gifting this holiday season and beyond:


1. Art Deco Style Diamond Onyx Chrysophrase Earrings:

Long, dramatic earrings featuring onyx and chrysophrase beads are perfect for adding glamour to a holiday dinner.


2. Sauer Yellow Gold Amazônia Ring:

This Brazilian-made ring is adorned with locally sourced blue topaz and aquamarine, and its purchase supports tree planting in the Amazon.


3. De Vera White Jade Bracelet:

A creamy Chinese jade bracelet adorned with moonstones, perfect for layering with other bangles and bracelets.

4. Fewer Finer Oval Signet Ring:

A personalized signet ring with a family crest, symbol, or monogram, making it a timeless gift for anyone.

5. Yvonne Léon Boule Disco Diamond Earrings:

Sparkling studs that mimic the shape of a disco ball, ideal for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

6. Agmes Jean Sterling Silver Cuff:

A shapely cuff made of sterling silver, designed in New York City, with sculptural lines for a powerful evening look.

7. Verdura Star Earclips:

Star-shaped studs with black enamel for added dimension and charming glittery center diamonds, perfect for everyday wear.

8. Irene Neuwirth Puffed Gold Chandelier Earrings:

Lightweight chandelier earrings that won’t strain your ears and are perfect for special occasions.

9. David Webb Diamond Hammered Nail-Shaped Ring:

A statement ring with hand-hammered texture and diamonds, suitable for daily wear.

10. David Yurman Chatelaine Diamond Stud Earrings:

Classic pavé diamond studs with David Yurman’s iconic twisted rope motif, adding extra visual appeal.

11. FRED LEIGHTON Citrine Pinky Ring:

An antique find from Fred Leighton, a 1940s French pinky ring set with two emerald-cut citrines, showcasing a bold band and unique geometric shapes.

These statement jewelry pieces will make the holiday season even more special and memorable for your loved ones.


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