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Mother-Daughter Jewelry Designers Showcase Spanish Heritage, Culture & History through Unique Creations

by Madonna

In the world of jewelry design, a mother-daughter duo is making waves by fusing their passion for jewelry with their rich Hispanic heritage, delivering exquisite pieces that narrate culturally significant tales through stylish necklaces, bracelets, and more.

The journey began when Patricia Fontaneda stumbled upon her love for jewelry design during a visit to Miami in 2010. Enamored by evil eye bracelets, she decided to bring back some extra pieces to share with friends back in Spain. Guided by her mother, Patricia Josa, a business administration graduate from Venezuela, the two launched “Ibiza Passion,” a jewelry line that seamlessly weaves ancient traditions and amulets with a modern touch, creating pieces that resonate with contemporary consumers.


Patricia Fontaneda, also known as Pati, shared that their jewelry pieces are crafted with a narrative and purpose. She stated, “Our pieces have to have a story and meaning behind it,” and emphasized the importance of making them “chic and elegant” with versatile and detachable elements to transition seamlessly from day to night.


Their journey began with their faith, deeply rooted in their Catholic upbringings in Spain and Venezuela. One of their earliest creations was a Lord’s Prayer bracelet, which allowed wearers to carry the entire prayer with them. The design gained popularity, prompting the duo to register their unique designs and make the shift from wholesale to retail.


Fontaneda, who hails from Venezuela but moved to Spain at a young age, has since established herself in Miami, where she completed her education at Florida International University and now operates a brick-and-mortar jewelry store in Glenvar Heights.

Faith played a pivotal role in their journey, keeping them grounded during the transitions between different countries. Their best-selling creation, the scapular necklace, reflects this faith. Comprising two tags affixed on opposite ends, the necklace is a unisex religious symbol that signifies devotion for Catholics. Fontaneda stated that they reimagined the design, introducing pendants that could move like charms on a necklace, opening the doors for diverse faiths and religions, such as Greek, Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhism.

Their approach is unique in that their pieces not only pay homage to religious stories but also convey broader messages. For instance, their “detente hearts,” inspired by amulets worn by soldiers in the 1800s, encourages wearers to overcome fears, insecurities, and comparisons, promoting personal growth.

Drawing inspiration from culture and history around the world, the duo has introduced designs like gold nuggets inspired by raw Amazon River finds and references to Greek mythology, such as the story of King Midas. They view imperfections in raw gold nuggets as elements that make individuals unique.

What sets Ibiza Passion apart is their belief in encouraging beliefs rather than relying on luck. Patricia Fontaneda emphasized the importance of personal agency in shaping one’s future. Their jewelry pieces serve as reminders of this self-empowerment.

In addition to their philosophical approach, the quality of their materials is a priority, with gold sourced from Spain to ensure hypoallergenic and water-resistant jewelry. They also prioritize functional versatility, offering pieces like dangly earrings that can be worn in multiple ways with ease, thanks to innovative design elements.

Working as a family, Patricia Fontaneda expressed the joy of collaborating with her mother. They have learned to admire each other’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a dynamic partnership that fuels their brand’s development.

For Patricia Josa, the business is more than just a venture; it’s an opportunity to create beautiful things alongside her family. Their son, Luis, now contributes behind the scenes, managing the accounting side of the business.

Their journey, like that of many small, female-owned businesses, has been a rollercoaster, with highs and lows. However, the sight of people wearing their scapular necklaces and the recognition their pieces receive make it all worthwhile. Their jewelry line has become a platform for sharing their family values with the world.

As a mother herself, Patricia Fontaneda recently launched a new line of fine 14K gold jewelry for babies, offering items like “little earrings, Catholic heirlooms for baptisms, and a little angel.”

To date, Ibiza Passion has created over 35 registered designs and expanded their presence to more than 20 countries worldwide. Their latest capsule collection, featuring hearts made with natural stones, has been received with enthusiasm, with plans to further expand this trend in the coming year.

Here are a few examples of their jewelry pieces:

1. ‘Be You’ Gold & Silver Scapular – $85

Materials: Virgin & sacred heart, 18K gold & 925 Sterling silver plated. Water-resistant.

Chain Length: 24”

Medal: 0.6” x 0.4”

No clasp closure – meant to be placed over your head. Sliding medals to use one in front & another in the back or both at the front.

2. ‘Cuore’ Turquoise Stones Necklace – $75

Materials: 18k Gold Plated. Turquoise Stones. Water Resistant.

Heart: 1″ x 0.8″ approx.

Chain Length: 17.5” approx.

Extension: 2” approx.

3. ‘Scapular’ Bracelet – $85

Materials: 18k Gold Plated. Water Resistant.

Length: 6.9″ approx.

2” ext. upon request

Oval size: .25′

4. ‘Cibeles’ Statement Earrings Gold – $88

Materials: Inspired by gold nuggets. 18k Gold Plated.

Water Resistant.

Versatile design can be worn in many different ways.

5. ‘Detente’ Multi Charm Necklace – $110

Materials: Sacred Heart, St Benedict & Victory Cross. 18k Gold Plated.

Water Resistant.

Length: 17.3″ approx.

Heart: 1.25″ approx.

6. ‘Vinty’ Ring – $58

Materials: 18k Gold Plated; Emerald Crystal, Zircon. Water Resistant.

Cross: 0.7″ x 0.4″ approx.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7 & 8.

The journey of Ibiza Passion is a testament to the power of passion, faith, and family, culminating in a unique jewelry line that tells stories, encourages beliefs, and resonates with people from diverse backgrounds around the world.


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