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Earthly Elan: A Sustainable Jewelry and Crafts Store

by Madonna

Earthly Elan is a jewelry and crafts store offering sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, as well as a collection of locally made crafts and goods in New Hampshire. For owner Ashleigh Nelson, environmentalism is a core pillar of her jewelry business. Her commitment to sustainability is reflected in nearly every aspect of her products, from the materials used to the packaging they come in.

Nelson’s dedication to sustainability extends to the following areas:


1. Recycled Metals:

Almost all of the metals used in her jewelry, particularly sterling silver, are recycled. The scrap from her creations is also recycled, resulting in minimal waste.


2. Compostable Packaging:

Earthly Elan’s packaging is compostable, reducing the environmental impact of the products.


3. Fair Trade-Certified Gemstones:

Nelson thoroughly vets her gemstone suppliers, ensuring they are Fair Trade-certified. She engages in conversations with representatives before using their products in her jewelry.

4. Supporting Local and Small Businesses:

Earthly Elan actively supports other small businesses and local creators. Many of the products in the store come from small businesses and artists that Nelson has met over the years in New Hampshire.

The Earthly Elan storefront, an extension of Nelson’s home, reflects her passion for small and local businesses. Nelson’s commitment to sustainability extends not only to environmental practices but also to supporting the local community and small creators.

Nelson’s journey into jewelry-making began as a young girl on Cape Cod, and she revisited the art form seven years ago. She continues to learn about gemstones’ metaphysical properties and new crafting techniques, with plans to expand her skills through a metalsmithing class.

With her “crystal apothecary,” where customers can design their own jewelry and enjoy locally made coffee, Nelson is looking forward to the holiday season. She is excited to offer a unique and sustainable shopping experience for holiday shoppers and is grateful for the support of her community and customers as she continues to grow her business. Earthly Elan’s commitment to sustainability, supporting small businesses, and fostering creativity makes it a unique and welcoming space for customers.


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