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Owners of Moriarty’s Gem Art Embark on African Expedition in Search of Precious Gemstones

by Madonna

CROWN POINT – The proprietors of Moriarty’s Gem Art Jewelers, a distinguished establishment located on the Crown Point square, recently embarked on a voyage to the heart of Africa in pursuit of exquisite gemstones. In an intrepid journey, Steve Moriarty and his sons, Jeff and Michael Moriarty, ventured to the enchanting landscapes of Tanzania and Kenya with a singular purpose: to explore mines and unearth rare and captivating gems, most notably Tanzanite.

Jeff Moriarty, who embodies the spirit of adventure, succinctly expressed the essence of their quest, stating, “When adventure calls, you answer.”


Their odyssey took them to Mererani, Tanzania, where they ventured deep into a Tanzanite mine, a facility owned by a longtime friend of the Moriarty family. Their journey included a challenging hour-long drive to a government-run mining operation, escorted by a vigilant military detail. Within the mines, they witnessed the miners’ living quarters, a generator powering essential equipment, an air pump for ventilation, and both the new and old mine entrances, the latter accessible only via a daunting wooden ladder.


Jeff Moriarty reflected on their experiences, saying, “The old mine entrance seemed like a formidable challenge, even for seasoned adventurers like ourselves. Michael and I concurred that we wouldn’t have dared to venture into the mines if that had been the sole point of entry.”


He continued, “The journey into the depths required contemplation, even for intrepid explorers. The subterranean air was cool, yet still, filled with the loose dirt they disturbed. We treaded with care to avoid any missteps down the mine shaft.”

Their exploration led them to meet the miners, diligently toiling in dimly lit tunnels to extract Tanzanite. The walls bore witness to the evidence of past blasting, with indicator minerals hinting at the proximity of Tanzanite deposits.

“The miners exhibited their extraordinary skills,” Jeff Moriarty observed, “proudly showcasing their expertise in a challenging and perilous environment. One couldn’t help but be captivated by the pulley system hanging from the ceiling, used to hoist bags of dirt from the mine’s depths to the surface, where it would be meticulously examined for traces of Tanzanite.”

Returning to the town of Mererani, the Moriartys discovered an impressive array of precious gems, including Tanzanite, Chrome Tourmalines, spinel, Rubellite, and more. Their expedition illuminated the unwavering dedication of miners who descend into the dark and hazardous depths to extract these invaluable treasures.

Jeff Moriarty poignantly reflected on their journey, stating, “The expedition was a poignant reminder that beauty often emerges from the most unexpected places, and the pursuit of the extraordinary can lead to remarkable discoveries.”

Moriarty’s Gem Art Jewelers has exciting plans to share their discoveries with the world. They will host a live online showcase on November 15 at 7 p.m., where they will unveil the exquisite gems they brought back from their daring African adventure. This event promises to be a celebration of both natural beauty and the indomitable spirit of exploration.


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