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Emotion-Enhancing Fine Jewelry: The Revival of Mood Rings

by Madonna

In the 1970s, mood rings held a peculiar fascination for many, as they served as a personal “cheat sheet” to decipher inner emotions. Paired with the enigmatic Magic Eight Ball, these quirky accessories were like companions providing answers to life’s mysteries. While the Magic Eight Ball offered cryptic responses, mood rings transformed into an ever-changing color palette, reflecting joy, sadness, and everything in between, aligning with the wearer’s mood.

Now, in a captivating twist on nostalgia, Mia Moross, the visionary behind The One I Love NYC, has marked the company’s tenth anniversary with the launch of a limited edition Mood Stone Fine Jewelry collection. Drawing from vintage 1970s mood rings, Moross ingeniously removed the liquid crystal stones to craft custom designs in fine metals, offering a contemporary interpretation of a beloved classic that resonates with those who grew up in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.


The core of these mood rings lies in the liquid crystals encased within the stones, which react to temperature fluctuations. Their crystalline patterns absorb and reflect light, creating a kaleidoscope of colors that correspond to the wearer’s body heat. In essence, these rings mirror the ever-shifting spectrum of human emotions.


Moross has reimagined this concept, presenting rings and pendants with bold, contemporary styles that harness the power of colors in a talismanic and symbolic way. Some pieces evoke the emotions one might experience while wearing them, while others radiate the energies we aspire to feel. Upon donning one of these creations, it is immediately apparent that the ring is more than a static accessory—it transforms from royal blue, signifying calm, to teal for serenity and revitalization, and finally to green, symbolizing balance and harmony, providing a dynamic reflection of the wearer’s emotional state.


When quizzed about her personal history with mood rings and the development of the collection, Mia Moross shared her experiences:

First Encounter with Mood Jewelry:

Moross’s fascination with mood jewelry was ignited during her childhood, around the age of ten or eleven. She vividly remembers her first encounter with a mood ring, which she discovered in a charming bead shop called Paisley Peacock. This serendipitous moment sparked her lifelong love affair with mood jewelry, and she began amassing her own collection. The enchantment seems to run in the family, as her daughter has also fallen under the spell of these color-changing treasures.

Discovering Vintage Stock:

The genesis of this remarkable collection lies in a serendipitous find, much like many of Moross’s treasured discoveries. A bench jeweler preparing for her visit happened to be clearing out the depths of his safe. Strewn carelessly across his desk were a cache of these enchanting glass cabochons, almost destined for the trash. The jeweler, intrigued by Moross’s interest, agreed to her proposal to purchase the lot. This unexpected find was akin to unearthing a long-lost treasure, evoking the sense of stumbling upon the legendary lost Treasure of Lima.

Ever-Changing Colors:

Moross’s mood ring is akin to an emotional disco, continually oscillating between serene shades of cool, calming greens and electrifying bursts of bluish-purple that could ignite a party. It’s an endless loop of serenity and excitement, and the mood ring’s rich color palette reflects the full spectrum of emotions. In homage to the nostalgic mood rings of yore, Moross has even created her own version of the color-changing cards, which accompany every purchase, adding a touch of joy and nostalgia to the mood jewelry experience.

As Mia Moross brilliantly breathes new life into the enchanting world of mood jewelry, the Mood Stone Fine Jewelry collection represents not just a revival but a transformative interpretation of a cherished accessory. It reminds us that sometimes, the most meaningful emotions cannot be confined to words and that, like the colors of the mood ring, our feelings are fluid and ever-changing.


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