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Katharine McPhee Unveils HSN Jewelry Collection, Shares Holiday Plans, and Duets with Husband David

by Madonna

Renowned singer-songwriter and actress, Katharine McPhee, has always harbored a deep passion for jewelry, dating back to her childhood. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the 39-year-old artist revealed her journey from a youthful fascination with rings to the launch of her own jewelry line, KMF Jewelry, and her latest project with HSN, the affordably priced Radiance by Absolute x Katharine McPhee collection.

Growing up, McPhee and her mother cherished their Friday nights spent admiring the exquisite jewelry showcased on television shopping networks, an experience that left an indelible mark. McPhee describes jewelry as having profound “symbolic meaning” in her life and is eager to share her love for it with the world.


The Radiance by Absolute collection features an array of modern and contemporary rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings adorned with simulated diamond designs. McPhee’s objective was to create pieces that stand out individually or complement each other when layered. Notably, she cites the Imperial Rope Pavé Bracelet and its matching necklace as perfect examples of her vision.


This collection is designed to appeal to a wide audience, as McPhee puts it, “for a woman who is more mature, but also for a young ‘it’ girl who can rock just a cute, crisp white shirt and jeans and some pretty chic flats.” She aimed to make it timeless and versatile, suitable for all ages.


Among the pieces in her collection, McPhee holds a special fondness for the Layered Cross necklace, available in gold-plated and silver variations.

McPhee’s collaboration with HSN is only the beginning of a promising partnership. She and her team have introduced a near-replica of her emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from her husband, David Foster, 73, which she considers an essential accessory, along with her wedding band.

During the creation of Radiance by Absolute, McPhee frequently sought Foster’s input. She valued his opinions on various ideas and designs, including dog tags and initials. McPhee shares, “He’s super supportive and excited for me, and I always love to show him the photos from the photo shoot. You always want to get your husband’s approval.” She adds that Foster, with whom she tied the knot on June 28, 2019, is consistently “amazed and proud.”

To mark McPhee’s collaboration with HSN, the musical couple will participate in a special holiday performance from their new Christmas Songs album on October 27. Fans will have the opportunity to acquire an exclusive version of the album, along with an autographed Fosters Christmas Card.

McPhee’s affinity for the holidays runs deep, rooted in her childhood when her family would enthusiastically decorate their home the day after Thanksgiving. She continues this tradition, keeping the festive spirit alive. Now, with their 2½-year-old son, Rennie David, McPhee and Foster are creating new traditions. One such tradition is an annual trip to Disneyland, a magical experience McPhee started a couple of years ago, fostering a sense of childlike wonder and bonding with her family during the holiday season.


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