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Pomellato’s ‘Ode to Milan’: A Radiant High Jewelry Collection

by Madonna

Pomellato, renowned for pioneering everyday jewelry for independent women since its inception in 1967, introduced high jewelry pieces in 2020. The latest unique collection, presented in Paris last summer, pays homage to the brand’s cherished hometown, Milan, a hub of Italian fashion and design. Here are five key insights into ‘Ode to Milan’:

1. Celebrating Vincenzo Castaldo’s 20th Anniversary:

In commemoration of Vincenzo Castaldo’s 20th year as the creative head of Pomellato, the high jewelry collection ‘Ode to Milan’ was designed. It draws inspiration from the ever-evolving cityscape of Milan and features 33 modern yet timeless designs. The collection was unveiled in Paris, aiming to stimulate discussions on high jewelry perspectives between the two fashion capitals.


2. The Sipario Necklace: A Theatrical Masterpiece:

The ‘Creativity on Stage’ chapter of ‘Ode to Milan’ takes inspiration from Pomellato’s chain-making heritage, symbolizing the vibrant creativity of La Scala theater and via Montenapoleone. The Sipario chain necklace intricately weaves various chains and diamond-studded links, with a central link adorned with brilliant and fancy-cut diamonds, adding a touch of enchantment.


3. Giardini Verticali Earrings Inspired by Green Architecture:

The Giardini Verticali earrings are a remarkable creation featuring 52 magnetic green tourmalines and six violet-blue tanzanites. They pay homage to projects like the Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest), where towers in Milan are adorned with lush greenery. These earrings, like the towers, showcase a mesmerizing mosaic of living greenery, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and biodiversity.


4. ‘Bossage’ Pavé Inspired by Castello Sforzesco:

The Castello necklace, inspired by Milan’s Castello Sforzesco, features a unique setting style called ‘bossage.’ This unconventional pavé technique utilizes stones with distinct edges and a raised central area, mirroring the castle’s rugged stone masonry. It exudes an aura of strength and resilience.

5. Recognizable and Wearable:

The Terrazza Duomo bracelet and earrings derive inspiration from the white marble façade of Milan’s Duomo. These high jewelry pieces simplify the cathedral’s ornate style into key geometric shapes, reflecting Pomellato’s approach to high jewelry—recognizable yet easy to wear. Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato, emphasized the brand’s commitment to creating jewelry that accompanies women in their daily lives, embodying a contemporary, empowered spirit.

Pomellato’s ‘Ode to Milan’ collection embodies a harmonious blend of creativity, history, and Milan’s architectural beauty, making it a testament to the brand’s evolution and innovation in the realm of high jewelry.


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