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Sneak Peek: The Jewelry Edit’s Peridot Passion Project

by Madonna

Emerald, jade, tsavorite, and malachite – green gemstones have become the most sought-after choice among our customers, remarks Rosena Sammi, the visionary behind The Jewelry Edit (TJE), a multi-designer e-boutique and a physical storefront on New York City’s prestigious Park Avenue. “Green is the pop of color our customers seek, and we see no sign of this slowing down.”

For this very reason, the collaboration between The Jewelry Edit and Fuli Gemstones Yiqisong Nanshan mine, renowned for its exquisite peridot, appeared to be a natural and exciting progression.


Rosena Sammi goes on to explain that the driving force behind this collaboration is two-fold. Not only does it cater to the persistent demand for green gemstones, but it also aligns with the principles of social responsibility and diversity, which hold great importance for both TJE and its clientele. “This is what our community expects from us,” Sammi asserts. “Our project with Fuli allows us to showcase fully traceable stones and demonstrate their journey from the mine to the finished piece. Our customers are eager to factor this feature into their buying decisions, and Fuli peridot allows us to do that.”


The spark for this innovative partnership ignited during Rosena Sammi’s visit to London, where she was introduced to Pia Tonna, the director of Fuli Gemstones in the UK, by a mutual acquaintance. “We bonded over our passion for the environment and our desire to create momentum for more transparency in the industry over how gemstones are mined,” shares Sammi.


Fuli has set a groundbreaking goal for its mine, nestled in the Changbai Mountains of northeastern China, to become a zero-carbon operation – a first in the colored gemstone mining industry and a glimpse into the future. “I was inspired by the genuine ambition of Fuli to pioneer a new environmentally sensitive approach to mining,” adds Sammi.

Adding to the allure is the enchanting green color produced by the mine. Sammi raves about its “velvety green” hue, and the designers chosen for this project seem equally captivated.

The curated lineup of designers, encompassing established names and emerging talents, represents a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives. Notable participants include Pippa Small, Lizzie Mandler, Jennie Kwon, Paige Novick, Lorraine West, Katey Walker, Agaro, Estaa, Lauren Newton, McKenzie Liautaud, and Simone Faurschou.

Sammi’s admiration for Pippa Small’s bold peridot ring is evident. “Its understated design and perfect proportion and balance let the striking beauty of the tumbled Fuli peridot shine. It’s a signature Pippa style that we are excited to showcase.” Katey Walker, too, expresses her fascination with the peridot stones, and she is crafting a choker necklace and a ring that accentuates the stone’s remarkable features.

The entire Jewelry Edit x Fuli capsule will be available for purchase online and at the Park Avenue location, starting on October 26.

Rosena Sammi concludes by highlighting the allure of Lauren Newton’s earrings: “I love that the earrings juxtapose dark motifs against the prettiest of peridots. I usually wouldn’t want a spider crawling up my ear, but I’m happy to make an exception for this design.”


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