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Purchase a Heart-Shaped Natural Sapphire Gemstone: The Ideal Gift for Women

by Madonna

Delve into our exclusive collection of high-quality gemstones to discover the perfect gift for your beloved. Consider a remarkable heart-shaped natural sapphire stone, weighing 0.96 carats, crafted especially for women.

Product Highlights:

Item Number: PSU80013GH


Stone Type: Single


Gem Type: Natural Sapphire


Shape: Heart

Weight: 0.96 carats

Dimensions: 6.29 X 7.39 X 2.57

Quality Grade: AAAAA (Untreated Heirloom)

Color Intensity: Medium Pink

Eye Clarity: Very Slightly Included

Transparency: Transparent

Origin: Madagascar

Enhancement: Untreated

Lab Reports: GEMSNY

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show your appreciation, this exquisite natural sapphire gemstone is a symbol of love and elegance. Its medium pink color and exceptional clarity make it a truly remarkable choice. Rest assured, this gemstone is not only captivating but also comes with a lab report from GEMSNY, confirming its authenticity and quality.

Choose this heart-shaped sapphire to express your affection and admiration for the woman in your life. The untamed beauty of this gem, with its origins in Madagascar, will undoubtedly make for a cherished and timeless gift.


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