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Tourmaline Gemstones Embrace the Shades of Autumn

by Madonna

While opal traditionally takes the spotlight in the month of October, it’s no wonder it enjoys such attention. In a month filled with mystery, intrigue, and the drama of Halloween, opal perfectly reflects the month’s unique vibe.

Consider the enchanting black opal: akin to a gothic crystal ball, it swirls with the colors of magic and perhaps a few lost souls. Opal undeniably aligns with the essence of October’s spirit (and remains beloved throughout the other months of the year).


However, tourmaline, although cherished in its own right, offers a different set of qualities. With its remarkable spectrum of colors, it’s a gemstone that designers find a delight to work with, and consumers love to adorn themselves with. It brings a bright and cheerful, sometimes even electric, presence.


Yet, it’s worth noting that bright and cheerful might not necessarily capture the fall’s essence. Our wardrobes tend to transition to darker, often more neutral hues as autumn takes hold. Even during the forthcoming holiday season, the most vibrant colors lean toward the jewel tones—deep, dark, and rich.


This is where tourmaline comes into play, offering a stunning range of options. In earthy tones like brown and green or a captivating autumnal wine shade, tourmaline proves itself to be a suitable counterpart to opal for October.

For your consideration, here’s some evidence—captivating tourmaline jewelry that mirrors the colors of fall:

1. Alejandra bouquet ring in 14k yellow gold with a 1.09 ct. brownish orange tourmaline, 0.06 ct. Montana sapphire, 0.08 ct. Oregon sunstone, 0.07 ct. seafoam tourmaline, and 0.03 ct. chrysoberyl, priced at $3,900; from Chroma by G.St.

2. Hoop earrings in gold-plated sterling silver adorned with tourmaline, available for $393; from Jorge Revilla.

3. Ring in 18k yellow gold-plated sterling silver featuring 2.99 cts. t.w. multicolor tourmaline and white topaz; crafted by Gemcolorz.

4. Ring in 18k white gold with a smoky quartz shank, a 36.8 ct. faceted tourmaline, and 0.89 ct. t.w. diamonds; from Sanalitro.

5. A one-of-a-kind link bracelet in 18k yellow gold graced by bicolor tourmaline; created by Lizzie Mandler.

6. Ring in yellow gold with an emerald-cut purple tourmaline and diamonds; by Jacquie Aiche.

7. Ring in 18k yellow gold featuring a 12.04 ct. bicolor autumn tourmaline and golden keshi South Sea cultured pearls; price available upon request; from Assael.


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