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Iridis to Host World’s First Auction of Rough Tourmaline Gemstones in Bangkok, November 2023

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Bangkok, Thailand – In a groundbreaking event, Iridis, the world’s premier producer of high-quality tourmaline gemstones, has announced its inaugural auction of Zambian rough tourmaline gemstones scheduled to take place from the 21st to the 24th of November 2023 in Bangkok.

This upcoming auction promises to be a spectacular showcase, featuring the largest collection of exceptional pink, green, and bi-color tourmalines. Iridis has meticulously curated this unparalleled assortment, setting a new industry benchmark for gemstone auctions.


Cyrille Djankoff, Chief Executive Officer of Iridis, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming auction, stating, “We are excited to be presenting some of the world’s most exquisite rough tourmaline gemstones in Bangkok this November. This forthcoming event marks the culmination of 18 months of dedicated production at our operations in Zambia. These remarkable gemstones will be presented with a pioneering grading system and, notably, a 100% traceability feature.”


Iridis, which acquired the tourmaline mine in Zambia in 2022, has firmly established itself as the globe’s largest producer of tourmaline gemstones. Their mission revolves around the creation of a fully transparent supply chain, setting new standards of responsibility within the industry, and offering complete traceability to their operations in Zambia to ensure ethical provenance.


The company is also the first in the colored gemstone sector to actively participate in The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA), highlighting their unwavering commitment to ethical gemstone sourcing and sustainable practices. Iridis’ dedication extends beyond extraction, aiming to cultivate a relationship with the Earth characterized by respectful reciprocity.

Emphasizing the significance of collaboration, Iridis recognizes the vital role played by a diverse range of stakeholders, including NGO partners and local communities. Together, they are forging a path toward a more robust and ethically responsible gemstone industry.

Don’t miss this historic event in Bangkok, where Iridis promises to redefine the world of tourmaline gemstones.


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