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Miraco: A New Inclusive Fine Jewelry Brand

by Madonna

Miraco, a new fine jewelry brand, has entered the market with a focus on inclusivity and affordability. Founded by Samira Baraki, a woman of color, the brand seeks to offer customers “statements, not basics.” It approaches design, manufacturing, and marketing differently to promote diversity and create affordable, high-quality jewelry.

Miraco manufactures its jewelry in Istanbul and Milan, primarily using hollow gold to provide the beauty and allure of gold with comfort and wearability. The brand emphasizes “the lightness of luxury,” offering quality materials without the typical high prices associated with fine jewelry.


Their collection includes necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, with prices starting at $300 and averaging between $1,200 and $1,500. Their most luxurious pieces include the 14k gold Atlas earrings featuring pavé diamonds in a knotted pattern, priced at $5,980.


Samira Baraki, the brand’s founder, is dedicated to representation and inclusivity in the jewelry space. She believes that the jewelry market has lost the essence of true quality and craftsmanship while retaining exclusivity in price. Miraco aims to fill this gap by providing affordable luxury that appeals to a diverse customer base.


Baraki wants Miraco to be more than a jewelry brand; she envisions it as a lifestyle brand that may expand beyond fine jewelry in the future. Inclusivity and representation are core values for Miraco, guiding everything the brand does, from its team and model casting to visual marketing materials. It strives to be a brand where all customers feel seen and valued.

Miraco’s founder was inspired to create the brand after purchasing jewels from an atelier in Istanbul that were appraised for significantly more than what she had paid. She saw an opportunity to offer luxury pieces at a lower price point while promoting inclusivity and representation.

As Miraco continues to evolve, it aims to become a leading name in the world of fine jewelry, delivering affordable luxury and promoting diversity in the industry.


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