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Objet D’Emotion Showcases Independent, Luxury Jewelry Designers at PAD London Fair

by Madonna

The world of high-end jewelry is witnessing a renaissance with the rise of independent designers and niche brands. Valery Desmurs, the founder of Objet d’Emotion, a London-based tastemaker and jewelry business consultant, has been instrumental in connecting high luxury jewelry designers with discerning customers. Objet D’Emotion is participating in the prestigious PAD (Pavilion of Art and Design) London fair from October 10 to 15, 2023, where independent jewelry designers will join a select group of fine art gallerists, jewelers, and furniture dealers.

Desmurs has been showcasing at PAD for the past four years in various locations, including London, Paris, Monaco, and Geneva. She’s known for her eclectic and thought-provoking curation. The theme for Objet D’Emotion’s exhibit at the October 2023 edition of PAD is ‘Jewellery Dreamin’. The environment at their stand is described as sensual with a contemporary surrealist feel, characterized by a color palette of blush, mustard, gold, grey-silver, and red.


One of the central pieces of this exhibit is a stylized selfie photo portrait featuring two young teenage girls, sparking curiosity about whether they are actually wearing the artful jewels or merely imagining them. This approach encapsulates Objet D’Emotion’s philosophy that the best jewelry combines emotional, cultural, and historical elements of its time while remaining forever in style. It represents highly collectible, limited edition, haute luxe jewelry, distinct from mass-produced, branded luxury jewelry.


At this year’s PAD, Objet D’Emotion is introducing several designers, including Hum from Japan, known for its quiet and artistic vision. The legendary Greek jeweler Minas, showcasing bold, sculptural designs, is making its London debut. Aaltas, a young Swiss brand that creates elegant designs from sculpted aluminum and precious gemstones, is also featured. Brazilian brand Sauer, inspired by the world of fungi, presents surreal and chic pieces.


Objet D’Emotion is launching Cultus Artem, a U.S.-based brand offering fine jewelry created by artist/designer Holly Tupper. Each one-of-a-kind piece combines precious and vintage materials in artistic juxtapositions, showcasing the inherent beauty of gemstones in their natural state.

Desmurs emphasizes that each independent brand she showcases possesses a unique vision and recognizable style, offering jewelry lovers a world tour of innovative and design-driven jewelry. She highlights the clientele’s passion for unconventional and innovative jewelry, making PAD London a perfect platform for their exquisite creations.

PAD London attracts a cosmopolitan, design-driven, and adventurous audience, making it an essential event for independent luxury jewelry designers. The selection committee for PAD is composed of experienced dealers, each with their specialty, who uphold the criteria of ethics, quality, and aesthetics that form the foundation of PAD’s reputation. The committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the show’s high standards and ensuring that it continues to be a prestigious platform for luxury designers.


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