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Who Should Wear Moonga (Red Coral) Gemstone: A Guide in Vedic Astrology

by Madonna

The Moonga, or Red Coral, is a mesmerizing gemstone renowned for its vivid red hue. This gem is a marine creation formed by coral polyps known as Corallium Rubrum. In Vedic astrology, it holds a special place as part of the Navratna group and is associated with the powerful planet Mars or Mangal Grah. It is often recommended by astrologers to individuals seeking increased physical strength, vitality, and success in various domains like sports, politics, business, and leadership roles.

Wearing the Moonga signifies strength, ambition, and an energetic spirit. This precious gemstone carries spiritual significance, assisting in mitigating or alleviating the Manglik dosh in one’s astrological chart. Additionally, it aids in managing issues related to temperament and anger, fostering improved interpersonal relationships.


Moonga is linked with the planet Mars and embodies its dynamic energy, instilling courage and a winning attitude across all aspects of life. The positive energies it radiates provide significant protection against malevolent forces, mental distress, and various adversities.


Who Should Avoid Wearing Moonga?

In Vedic astrology, specific ascendants are advised to refrain from wearing the Moonga gemstone due to potential unfavorable effects associated with the planet Mars. Those who should exercise caution include:


1. Taurus Ascendants: The strong influence of Mars may lead to adverse outcomes for individuals with a Taurus ascendant.

2. Gemini Ascendants: Mars’s less auspicious positioning could pose challenges, making it advisable for Gemini ascendants to avoid wearing Moonga.

3. Virgo Ascendants: Strong Mars influences can lead to difficulties, so Virgo ascendants are recommended not to wear this gemstone.

4. Libra Ascendants: Mars governing the 2nd and 7th houses may lead to unfavorable circumstances and luck for Libra ascendants.

5. Capricorn Ascendants: Wearing Moonga may potentially lead to relationship issues for Capricorn ascendants.

6. Aquarius Ascendants: Mars governing the 3rd and 10th houses makes wearing Moonga less advisable for Aquarius ascendants.

Who Should Wear Moonga?

Red Coral is often recommended when the planet Mars is unfavorably positioned in one’s birth chart. Different zodiac signs can benefit in unique ways:

1. Aries Ascendants: Wearing Moonga can enhance vigor and fortitude, aligning their energy for greater achievements.

2. Sagittarius Ascendants: Moonga can boost vitality and determination, aligning them with a heightened sense of purpose and drive.

3. Cancer Ascendants: It can elevate intellectual capacities, impart authority, and enhance knowledge.

4. Leo Ascendants: Red Coral can empower their social circles, instilling confidence and influence in their interactions.

5. Scorpio Ascendants: Moonga amplifies their natural attributes, providing strength and determination.

6. Pisces Ascendants: It can attract good fortune, wealth, recognition, and enhance reputation, contributing to prosperity and success.

How to Properly Wear the Moonga Stone?

To maximize the efficacy of the gemstone, it should be set in a gold ring and worn on the ring finger or as a pendant. Wearing it on a Tuesday during the bright lunar fortnight is considered most auspicious. The gemstone should weigh at least 7 carats for optimal effects.

Before wearing, the Moonga should be dipped in milk or holy Ganga water. A puja should be performed while chanting the mantra “Om Aung Angarakay Namah” 108 times to infuse the gemstone with positive energies. This ensures that the gemstone aligns with your spiritual journey and astrological path.


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