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World’s First Rough Tourmaline Auction Set for November in Bangkok

by Madonna

Bangkok is set to host a groundbreaking event in the world of gemstones this November – the “world’s first” auction of rough tourmaline, the vibrant and coveted gemstone. Iridis, the newly appointed custodians of the Jagoda mine in Zambia, has announced this milestone event, presenting the most extensive collection of remarkable pink, green, and bi-color tourmalines to date.

What sets this auction apart is not just the exceptional gemstones on display, but the introduction of an unprecedented tourmaline grading system aimed at prospective buyers. Cyrille Djankoff, the CEO of Iridis, expressed the significance of this event, saying, “This forthcoming auction is the culmination of 18 months of production from our Zambia operations, which will see these stunning gemstones in a first-of-its-kind grading system with 100% traceability.”


The Jagoda mine, which began its operations in 1997, initially gained recognition for its exceptional pink tourmaline. However, subsequent surveys conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and other entities have hinted at the mine’s potential to become one of the most crucial sources of tourmaline in the world. This auction promises to shed new light on the magnificence of these gemstones and the opportunity for collectors and connoisseurs to acquire these unique pieces.


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