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Embracing the ‘Jewel Box Bathroom’ Trend: Top 10 Paint Colors to Transform Your Space

by Madonna

In the realm of interior design, the trendsetting world of home decor has a new star: the ‘jewel box bathroom.’ This captivating trend invites homeowners to convert their utilitarian spaces into opulent retreats, embracing rich, deep colors and bold hues. Drawing inspiration from the brilliance of precious gemstones like emeralds and sapphires, this trend infuses spaces with drama and ambiance, leaving an indelible mark on the world of interior aesthetics.

Interior designer Nina Grauer of Dekay & Tate sheds light on the phenomenon, explaining why jewelry-inspired spaces have gained immense popularity. “Some themes,” she says, “translate exceptionally well into color schemes, and jewels are a prime example.” Bathrooms, often diminutive in size and easily segregated from the rest of the home, present the perfect canvas to experiment with these audacious tones, much like a precious jewel box itself.


Grauer underscores the connection between form and function, noting, “A bathroom should be as luxurious as a jewel but as functional as the jewelry you wear daily.” To accentuate this trend’s emphasis on luxury, consider complementing these deep jewel paint colors with opulent elements such as marble, polished metals, dark woods, and high-gloss surfaces. If you’re ready to depart from the realm of neutrals, these gemstone-inspired paint colors promise to breathe sophistication and life into your bathroom.


1. Emerald Green

Enrich your bathroom with a vibrant burst of color courtesy of Benjamin Moore’s ‘Emerald Isle.’ This deep green hue, boasting subtle blue undertones, serves as an exquisite backdrop for lustrous metal fixtures, plush bath linens, and intricate tile designs. You can opt for a sleek, minimalistic look by surrounding this gem-inspired color with neutral tones, or go all-in by pairing it with other jewel paint colors for an extravagantly maximalist approach.


2. Bold Sapphire

For an immersive experience, consider applying a coat of ‘Kate’s Ring’ by Valspar. This saturated shade pairs magnificently with polished brass fixtures, light fittings, and mirrors, thereby enhancing the jewel theme and accentuating its warm undertones. To add depth and visual intrigue, adorn the walls with decorative molding and extend the paint color to built-in elements and open shelving.

3. Moody Violet

Behr’s ‘Deep Violet’ captures timeless elegance and a touch of enigmatic allure. Much like a precious gemstone, this classic shade of purple achieves its full splendor when harmonized with other dark colors like black and charcoal. Opt for cool-toned metals such as polished chrome to introduce a shimmering effect while preserving an air of mystery.

4. Magenta Pink

Resembling a rare pink diamond, Glidden’s ‘Magenta’ serves as an unexpected yet opulent choice for bathroom paint. This vibrant hue, hailing from the red color family, exudes warmth and a sense of optimistic excitement. Layer this lively color with other jewel tones like golden yellow or fiery orange to infuse your space with boundless energy.

5. Golden Yellow

Bask in the golden warmth of ‘Plantain Chips’ by Behr, filling your jewel box bathroom with a rich honey-toned glow. Allow this deep yellow to shine by pairing it with light neutrals such as crisp white and warm beige. A high-gloss finish lends an added layer of luxury, while oil-rubbed bronze hardware accents create a captivating contrast in color and texture.

6. Deep Crimson

Behr’s ‘Dark Crimson,’ reminiscent of a deep red garnet, delivers a bold design statement. This wine-red hue, with subtle brown undertones, radiates inviting warmth. For a modern touch, consider incorporating geometric tiles, minimalist wall sconces, and abstract art.

7. Bright Amethyst

For a slightly lighter gemstone-inspired paint color, Benjamin Moore’s ‘Amethyst Cream’ strikes an alluring chord. This purple shade, with a gray undertone, serves as an exquisite backdrop for darker hues such as charcoal gray or deep magenta. Enhance its cool, silky notes with polished chrome or nickel hardware and oversized mirrors that highlight its vivacious playfulness.

8. Red-Orange Sapphire

Sherwin-Williams’ ‘Cavern Clay’ embodies the depth and warm allure of an orange sapphire. This reddish-orange hue exudes an inviting embrace—warm yet luxurious. For a rustic twist on the jewel box bathroom aesthetic, pair this mid-tone shade with a reclaimed wood vanity, natural stone flooring, and Mediterranean-inspired ceramic tiles.

9. Dark Sapphire

Fully embrace the jewel box bathroom trend by immersing your space in ‘Hidden Sapphire’ by Benjamin Moore. Coating the walls, trim, doors, and ceiling with this rich blue shade creates a cozy, moody ambiance. Complement the depth and richness of the color with ambient lighting and dark wood accents.

10. Moody Red-Brown

Sherwin-Williams’ ‘Fireweed,’ a deep brownish-red hue, exudes a sense of historic charm akin to a cherished heirloom. Elevate your bathroom’s luxury with pendant lights hanging from the ceiling instead of traditional wall sconces, and replace a standard medicine cabinet with a uniquely framed mirror to impart an extra layer of opulence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design, the ‘jewel box bathroom’ trend has seized the spotlight. By embracing these luxurious jewel-inspired paint colors, homeowners can transform their bathrooms into opulent sanctuaries, where form meets function in a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality.


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