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Kim Kardashian Shines in Chanel Barbie Necklace for Super Bowl Announcement with Usher

by Madonna

In true Kim Kardashian style, the reality star made a dazzling entrance into this year’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show announcement, leaving a lasting impression.

Apple Music, the sponsor of this prestigious event, chose Kardashian as their messenger to unveil the artist set to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl in Paradise, Nevada. This exciting announcement was made via a post on X (formerly Twitter).


In a captivating video, the founder of Skims was seen engaging in a phone call with Usher, revealing the exciting news that he had been selected for the prestigious performance.


During the announcement, Kardashian, who is 42 years old, exuded sheer glamour, accentuated by a droplet pearl choker adorned with colored jewels, a resplendent gold chain, and matching Chanel charms, reminiscent of Margot Robbie’s iconic look in the blockbuster Barbie movie.


This vintage masterpiece hails from the brand’s spring/summer 1995 collection. In Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed film, Margot Robbie paired this exquisite necklace with a striking hot-pink tweed mini-dress, with her version featuring a substantial heart-shaped pink jewel in the center.

In a delightful revelation, it was confirmed by British Vogue on August 27th that Kardashian had acquired this sought-after necklace during one of her trips to Tokyo, adding a touch of global allure to her ensemble.

Fans couldn’t help but marvel at the vibrant piece showcased in the announcement video. One enthusiastic fan on X exclaimed, “Kim Kardashian starring in Usher’s Super Bowl announcement while wearing the Barbie Chanel necklace wasn’t on my list, but the girl WORKS.”

Kim Kardashian’s glamorous presence and her choice of the iconic Chanel Barbie necklace have undoubtedly set the stage for an unforgettable Super Bowl Half-Time Show in 2024, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the event.


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