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Lily James Shines Bright as Ambassador for Ethical Diamonds

by Madonna

Renowned British actress Lily James continues to illuminate the world, this time in her new role as an ambassador for ethical diamonds. At 34, the talented actress, already celebrated as the face of Charlotte Tilbury and Sky Mobile, has embraced a cause close to her heart by aligning with the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and embarking on a journey to Botswana, the source of these precious jewels.

During her engagement with the NDC, Ms. James graced the world with a captivating campaign, captured amidst the vibrant backdrop of New York City, where she showcased exquisite jewelry paired with four distinctive outfits.


In one striking image, Lily James donned an elegant black dress adorned with a diamond choker, ring, bangles, and earrings, epitomizing the timeless allure of natural diamonds.


In her footsteps, Ms. James follows the illustrious Bond girl Ana de Armas, who previously held the esteemed position as the brand’s face. Reflecting on her new role, Lily James expressed, ‘After visiting Botswana and witnessing the profoundly positive impact of the diamond mining industry on local communities and ecosystems… I am now even more intentional in my choice of diamond jewelry. I adore going all out on the red carpet but equally cherish paring down my diamond jewelry and wearing it with everyday jeans.’


Lily James’s commitment to championing ethical diamonds not only highlights her radiant talent but also her dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world. Her journey serves as an inspiration, reminding us that even the brightest stars can shine even brighter when they align with causes close to their hearts.


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