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Exploring the World of Permanent Jewelry as an Alternative to Tattoos

by Madonna

The allure of tattoos has gripped many for years, and I am no exception. I’ve immersed myself in tattoo culture, constantly seeking inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and even engaging in discussions with tattoo artists about the latest trends. However, there’s been one significant hurdle preventing me from taking the plunge – my chronic indecisiveness.

The prospect of etching something indelibly onto my skin has always sparked exhilaration mixed with a sense of trepidation. For someone like me, who frequently vacillates between design concepts and placements, the permanence of a tattoo can feel like a high-stakes gamble. The looming possibility of future regrets, along with the costly and time-consuming ordeal of laser removal, has kept me at bay.


That’s when I stumbled upon an intriguing alternative: permanent jewelry. This unique concept offered a fun, risk-free substitute to getting inked.


Embracing the “Forever Bracelet”

Permanent jewelry, often referred to as a “forever bracelet,” entails the welding of a bracelet chain directly onto your wrist, rendering it unremovable by conventional means.


Several specialized jewelry companies across the US and the UK, such as Catbird in New York City and Astrid & Miyu, with locations in cities including NYC, London, and Glasgow, have embraced this trend. The popularity of such jewelry skyrocketed in 2022, thanks in part to TikTok, where users shared their experiences of obtaining matching permanent bracelets with friends and loved ones.

Inspired by a colleague’s account of her own experience, I decided to explore this unconventional avenue. Research unveiled a wide array of options in Glasgow, my UK base. Prices ranged from as low as £10 (approximately $12.40) at some establishments to hundreds of dollars for high-quality chains, as offered by Astrid & Miyu.

Astrid & Miyu’s Offering

I scheduled an appointment at Astrid & Miyu in Glasgow for the beginning of September, eager to delve into this novel adventure.

Astrid & Miyu’s selection featured welded bracelets, anklets, and rings, with an array of solid gold and silver chains accompanied by charms, according to their website.

Upon arriving at their Glasgow store on a Saturday afternoon, I was warmly greeted by a jeweler who presented me with a range of chain options. I opted for a 9-carat rose-gold chain, which carried a price tag of £130 (approximately $160). Despite initial hesitations about the cost, I reasoned that quality warranted investment, just as with tattoos. When something is destined to adorn your body for a lifetime, it should meet a high standard.

Next, I selected two charms to embellish the bracelet, a choice I had already pondered thanks to prior online research. I settled on a sapphire charm and an amethyst charm, symbolizing the birthstones of my two late grandfathers. Each stone added an extra £30 (approximately $37.20) to the total, resulting in a final cost of £190 (approximately $235).

The process was surprisingly straightforward; the jeweler took precise measurements of my wrist and ensured my comfort before commencing with the welding. The entire procedure took roughly 10 minutes.

The Love Affair with Permanent Jewelry

Approximately two weeks have passed since I acquired the bracelet, and my affection for it continues to grow. The chain exudes a captivating sparkle, and its durability has stood the test thus far. I’ve worn it during swims and workouts, and it appears as pristine as the day I acquired it.

Of course, the longevity of this permanent jewelry remains uncertain. Some wearers have reported bracelets lasting four years, while others have faced breakages within a year. Should my chain break within the initial year, Astrid & Miyu has pledged to repair it free of charge, as confirmed by the jeweler. (They did note that a modest fee would apply for repairs beyond the one-year mark.)

While the bracelet may seem unremovable in the traditional sense, the company’s website clarifies that it can indeed be severed with scissors. This knowledge offers a reassuring sense of control, allowing me to easily and painlessly part with the bracelet if my preferences ever shift.

In all likelihood, I will someday summon the courage to venture into the world of tattoos. Until then, this bracelet stands as a delightful and painless alternative, offering a temporary escape from the tattoo dilemma.


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