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King Charles and Queen Camilla Grace State Banquet at the Palace of Versailles

by Madonna

Paris, France – King Charles and Queen Camilla embarked on a significant three-day state visit to France, commencing today, and received a warm and secure reception. The highlight of their visit this evening was a grand state banquet held at the iconic Palace of Versailles.

Their Majesties arrived at the magnificent 17th-century palace at 8 p.m., where they were warmly welcomed by President Macron and Madame Macron. Queen Camilla’s elegance shone through in her navy blue Dior ensemble, beautifully complemented by sapphire and diamond jewelry.


The illustrious gathering of 160 guests at the dinner, hosted in the opulent Hall of Mirrors, represented a mix of British and French citizens who have made significant contributions to UK-France relations. Notable invitees included renowned actor Hugh Grant, accomplished actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, and former soccer manager Arsène Wenger. The sumptuous menu for the evening featured delectable dishes such as blue lobster and crab cake with almonds and mint, French poultry accompanied by mushroom gratin, an assortment of French and English cheeses, and a delightful rose-flavored macaron with lychee cream and fresh raspberries.


The historic Palace of Versailles, once a royal residence and now a UNESCO World Heritage site and museum, boasts an astonishing 2,300 rooms spanning over 63,000 square meters. Originally a hunting lodge of King Louis XIII, it was magnificently transformed into a palace fit for the royal court under the reign of his son, King Louis XIV.


Earlier in the day, King Charles and Queen Camilla were formally greeted in France at the iconic Arc de Triomphe. Subsequently, they paid a visit to the Elysée Palace, where thoughtful exchanges of gifts took place. President Macron presented King Charles with a golden medallion from the Monnaie de Paris featuring the King’s portrait, as well as a sapling from Versailles and a special edition book. In return, His Majesty gifted President Macron with Voltaire’s “Letters sur Anglais” and a photography album featuring cherished images of their encounters.

Tomorrow, King Charles will make history as the first British royal to deliver a speech within the French Senate, an address he is anticipated to deliver proficiently in both French and English. Additionally, the royal couple’s itinerary includes a visit to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, underscoring the significance of their state visit to strengthen the bonds between the United Kingdom and France.


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