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An 11.28-carat blue diamond on display in Dubai, estimated at $26-37 million

by Madonna

Dubai, UAE – A stunning and exceptionally rare gemstone, the Infinite Blue Diamond, weighing an impressive 11.28 carats, is currently on display in Dubai, before it heads to Hong Kong for an upcoming auction. With an estimated value ranging from US$26 million to US$37 million, this exquisite blue diamond is attracting attention from collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

The Infinite Blue Diamond’s global tour has brought it to Sotheby’s Dubai, where it is captivating audiences with its mesmerizing brilliance. Sophie Stevens, Director & Jewellery Specialist at Sotheby’s MENA, shared a glimpse of this remarkable gem on her Instagram account. In the video, the diamond glistens on her finger, showcasing its unparalleled beauty. Stevens also noted that the diamond will be available for viewing today and tomorrow, providing a rare opportunity for enthusiasts and aficionados to witness its splendor up close.


What makes the Infinite Blue Diamond particularly remarkable is its vivid blue hue, a rarity in the world of gemstones, especially in sizes of this magnitude. While high-quality white diamonds are already scarce, gemstones of this striking blue color are even more extraordinary.


This unveiling follows another recent showcase at Sotheby’s DIFC, where the illustrious “Eternal Pink Diamond,” a 10.57-carat ultra-rare pink diamond, garnered significant attention and admiration.


For those eager to catch a glimpse of this exquisite and rare gemstone, time is limited. The Infinite Blue Diamond is on display in Dubai for a brief period, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness its unparalleled allure before it makes its way to the auction block in Hong Kong on October 5th. Collectors and enthusiasts alike are poised to compete for the chance to own this exceptional masterpiece of nature.


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