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MVEye Releases Groundbreaking Research on African American Luxury Jewelry Consumers

by Madonna

CARLSBAD, CA — The MVEye, renowned as the premier market research firm for the gem, jewelry, and watch industries, has unveiled an innovative report titled:

“Crafting Unity, Adorning Diversity – Cracking the Code to Engage High-Income African American Buyers in the Luxury Jewelry Sector.”


This ground-breaking report represents the culmination of a collaborative and exhaustive research study conducted by THE MVEye, in partnership with Stephanie Coleman, the publisher of Tré Magazine. The study delves into the distinctive world of high-income African American jewelry consumers in the United States. Focusing specifically on those who self-identify as Black/African American and take pride in their Black heritage, this report offers a unique perspective garnered from participants aged 20-59 with a household income exceeding $100,000.


The report provides a profound insight into historical jewelry purchasing patterns and anticipates future shopping behaviors. It pays meticulous attention to preferences that take into account the nuances of participants’ cultural backgrounds, ensuring a comprehensive comprehension of this influential market segment.


Stephanie Coleman, the publisher of Tré Magazine, expressed, “With these findings, we aim to highlight the distinct preferences and buying behaviors of high-income African American jewelry consumers. Their choices are deeply rooted in cultural resonance and a demand for inclusivity, underscoring the need for industry adaptation.”

Key Highlights from the Report:

1. Proactive Consumers:

A remarkable 63% of high-income African Americans actively seek brands that resonate with or promote their cultural heritage.

2. Sustainability Matters:

An impressive 56% of African American respondents prioritize sustainably produced jewelry, with a particular focus on conflict-free diamonds.

3. Importance of Inclusivity:

A staggering 76% of participants emphasized that the feeling of being welcome was the most critical factor influencing their fine jewelry purchases, surpassing price, selection, and even the expertise of in-store salespersons.

4. Influence of In-Store Expertise:

Knowledgeable in-store salespersons hold significant sway, with 54% of respondents highlighting their importance during fine jewelry purchases.

5. Deep Resonance with Birthstones:

Birthstones hold profound significance, with 59% of African American respondents purchasing them as statement pieces.

6. Awareness of Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGDs):

While awareness of lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) stands at 64% among African American consumers, it trails the overall market’s awareness rate of 80%.

This groundbreaking research report offers a vital resource for the jewelry industry, shedding light on the distinctive preferences and values of high-income African American consumers, ultimately pointing towards avenues for industry adaptation and inclusivity.


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