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Pamela Anderson Shares Empowering Perspective on Self-Purchased Jewelry

by Madonna

Los Angeles, CA — Pamela Anderson, the renowned actress and model at the age of 56, has made waves with her empowering outlook on self-purchased jewelry. Anderson, who recently appeared in Pandora’s promotional campaign for its three new lab-grown diamond collections—Pandora Nova, Pandora Era, and Pandora Talisman—discussed her perspective on the significance of these jewels during a conversation with PEOPLE at the campaign’s launch event.

For Anderson, diamonds have always been considered exquisite gifts, but she passionately advocates for the empowerment that comes with gifting oneself these precious gems. “I think diamonds are really great gifts, but I think that if you can give them to yourself? That’s empowering,” she remarked.


Anderson firmly practices what she preaches, proudly stating, “I just bought some jewelry for myself. And it feels good. And there’s no strings attached!” Her laughter emphasized the unbridled joy of self-indulgence. “So you’re like, I can just wear this.”


The actress, a devoted mother to sons Dylan, 25, and Brandon, 27, who both participated in the campaign and the event, delved into the sentimental value of such purchases and underscored the liberation of acquiring jewelry without any emotional baggage. “I’m such a romantic,” she confessed. “I attach memories to every single thing I have.”


When a piece of jewelry carries no negative connotations or connections, Anderson reflected, “It just feels free.”

Reflecting on her memorable appearance at the Boss fashion show in Miami earlier in the year, Anderson revealed that her confidence on the wet glass runway came not from diamonds but from the camaraderie of those around her. “That was a pretty scary catwalk because that was soaking wet glass and there was wind, and the water was coming off,” she recalled. “But I really kind of felt like I was leading these young, beautiful people through the storm, like ‘Follow me, guys!’ So there’s no way that I could fall or trip or anything. I felt like it was fun.”

Ultimately, the Baywatch star distilled her life philosophy into a straightforward maxim: “Embracing who you are at every chapter in your life is really important.” Her current pursuits, whether it’s tending to her farm, spending time with her dogs, or getting her hands dirty in the garden, all reflect this profound commitment to authenticity and self-empowerment.


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