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7-Year-Old Discovers Impressive Diamond on Birthday Excursion to Arkansas Park

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Murfeesboro, Arkansas — In an astonishing turn of events, a 7-year-old girl named Aspen Brown stumbled upon the second-largest diamond recorded this year at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfeesboro, Arkansas. This remarkable discovery unfolded as Aspen and her family were celebrating her birthday at the renowned park, situated approximately 90 miles southwest of Little Rock.

According to an official statement from Arkansas State Parks, young Aspen returned home with a dazzling souvenir—a 2.95-carat golden-brown diamond that she found on the park’s northern side. This astonishing find comes close to the year’s largest diamond discovery, which weighed in at approximately 3.29 carats and shared the same brown hue.


Aspen and her family were traversing a plowed field perched above the remnants of a volcano’s eroded surface when she decided to pause for a brief respite. Her father, Luther Brown, recounted the thrilling moment: “She got hot and wanted to sit down for a minute, so she walked over to some big rocks by the fence line. Next thing I know, she was running to me, saying ‘Dad! Dad! I found one!’”


The gem Aspen retrieved was no larger than a pea, prompting the family to visit the Diamond Discovery Center to have park officials verify their remarkable find. Waymon Cox, assistant park superintendent, described Aspen’s diamond as having a golden-brown hue with a radiant luster. It stands as a complete crystal with no compromised facets, and a small crevice on one side that formed during its creation. Cox expressed, “It is certainly one of the most beautiful diamonds I’ve seen in recent years.”


It’s customary for visitors to bestow names upon the diamonds they uncover at the park, and Luther Brown believed that the name “Aspen” was a fitting choice for his daughter’s precious find. “There was no skill required for her to find it. She was just in the right place at the right time,” he humbly remarked.

Rich History of Diamond Discoveries

Crater of Diamonds State Park boasts a rich history of diamond discoveries, with over 75,000 diamonds unearthed since its establishment as a state park in 1972. The largest diamond ever found in the U.S. was discovered here in 1924 during early mining operations.

On average, one to two diamonds are discovered by park visitors each day, and in the year 2023 alone, 563 diamonds have been registered at the park, totaling over 89 carats. Notably, Aspen’s diamond represents the first substantial find since park officials initiated an excavation project last month.

Caleb Howell, park superintendent, noted, “A contracted company dug a 150-yard trench in August to help manage erosion on the north side of the search area. Several tons of unsearched diamond-bearing material were exposed, and it’s very possible that this diamond and others were uncovered as a result.”

Tips for Prospective Diamond Hunters

Crater of Diamonds State Park is a unique destination globally, allowing visitors to hunt for diamonds from an original volcanic source. Spanning 37.5 acres, the diamond search area permits visitors to keep any rocks, minerals, or gemstones they uncover.

Visitors can either bring their own mining equipment or rent tools from the park, with the exception of battery-powered or motor-driven mining tools. Park staff are readily available to assist in identifying any rocks, minerals, or gems discovered during the hunt.

Aspiring diamond hunters should keep an eye out for key characteristics when searching for these precious gems, such as clean crystals with a rounded surface and a metallic shine. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that around half of all diamonds registered by park visitors are found in sifted gravel taken home from the park, with each guest permitted to take up to five gallons of sifted gravel per day for later diamond prospecting.

Aspen Brown’s remarkable discovery serves as a testament to the enduring allure of Crater of Diamonds State Park and the limitless potential for extraordinary finds awaiting visitors amid its rich geological landscape.


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