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Gem and Mineral Enthusiasts Flock to Bi-Annual Event at Hanford Civic Auditorium

by Madonna

Hanford — The Hanford Civic Auditorium played host to an eagerly awaited gathering of rockhounds, collectors, and gem aficionados during the bi-annual Gem and Mineral Show held over the weekend. From fossil hunters to gem connoisseurs, the event proved to be a captivating spectacle.

Drawing the attention of hundreds of enthusiastic attendees, the two-day showcase featured an extensive collection of prehistoric shark teeth, stunning crystals, and exquisite jewelry, delighting both collectors and those with a curiosity for the Earth’s geological treasures.


One of the highlights of the event was the sifting table, where individuals of all ages were invited to embark on a treasure hunt. For a mere $5, participants could acquire a bag filled with an assortment of shark teeth, gemstones, and other valuable rocks. By sifting the contents through a mesh screen, treasures hidden within the sand became their prized possessions.


In a climate where prices have witnessed a significant uptick over the past year, collectors and dealers engaged in friendly negotiations to ensure equitable transactions for all parties involved.


As the curtain falls on this captivating event, enthusiasts can look forward to the next gem and mineral gathering scheduled for the first weekend of March 2024. This forthcoming event will take place at Trinity Hall, located on Champion Street in Lemoore. Mark your calendars for another opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of geological wonders and rare gemstones.


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