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GJEPC Unveils Eighth Edition of India Rough Gemstone Sourcing Show in Jaipur

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Jaipur, August 29, 2023 – The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) inaugurated the eighth installment of the prestigious India Rough Gemstone Sourcing Show in the vibrant city of Jaipur. The business-to-business event, renowned for its pivotal role in the gemstone industry, opened its doors on August 29 and is set to captivate attendees for a span of three weeks.

Dedicated to fostering connections and promoting the trade of raw gemstones, this year’s edition is spotlighting a captivating array of emeralds sourced from Zambia. The distinguished event offers a showcase platform for the presentation of rough emeralds meticulously curated by Kagem Mining Limited, a prominent player under the ownership of Gemfields, headquartered in Zambia. The discerning audience, consisting of industry connoisseurs and enthusiasts, can marvel at these captivating gemstones, as reported by GJEPC on its official website.


The ceremonious inauguration of the gemstone sourcing gala witnessed the gracious presence of Jaipur’s Commissioner of Customs, Sugrive Meena, who formally launched the event. This esteemed occasion was graced by the attendance of Vijay Prakash Verma, Assistant Commissioner of Customs in the city.


In an emblematic display of collaboration between industry leaders, the Managing Director of Kagem Mining Limited, Adrian Banks, graced the event’s inauguration and continues to be an active presence throughout the show’s duration. The inauguration also garnered participation from prominent figures within the jewelry landscape, including Nirmal Kumar Bardiya, the Regional Chairman of GJEPC, Nawal Agarwal, Convenor of the Gold Jewellery Panel, and K.B. Goyal, Convenor of the Silver Jewellery Panel. The launch event resonated with the esteemed presence of members hailing from the GJEPC’s Regional Committee and CGS Panel Committee, further amplifying the collaborative spirit of the occasion.


The India Rough Gemstone Sourcing Show, a prominent fixture in the gemstone sector’s annual calendar, will be a beacon of industry excellence until September 19. With its resolute mission to unite luminaries from the jewelry sector across India, this event is emblematic of GJEPC’s commitment to nurturing domestic enterprises while creating avenues for enhanced global trade opportunities within the realm of Indian jewelry.


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