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Royal Heritage: The Timeless Elegance of Queen Elizabeth II’s Aquamarine Parure

by Madonna

In a testament to the enduring symbiosis between monarchy and nation, the Aquamarine Parure stands as an epitome of regal elegance. A tale of royal splendor interwoven with Brazil’s gracious offerings, this resplendent collection has over the years become an intrinsic part of Queen Elizabeth II’s exquisite ensemble. Now, this legacy of glistening gemstones finds itself entrusted to the care of Queen Camilla.

The Aquamarine Parure embarked on its journey as a coronation gift, gracefully evolving into a cherished liaison between Queen Elizabeth II and the people of Brazil. Over a span of fifteen years, Brazil’s contributions sculpted one of the monarch’s most revered and fashion-forward sets. Today, this radiant assemblage finds its steward in Queen Camilla, a custodian of its magnificence.


In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was bestowed the initial elements of the Aquamarine Parure by the President of Brazil, a heartfelt offering from his nation. This first installment featured an elegant necklace adorned with nine imposing rectangular aquamarines set amid diamond scrolls. A majestic aquamarine pendant graced the necklace, a precursor to its eventual transformation into the centerpiece of a masterfully reimagined tiara.


The year 1957 witnessed the birth of a bespoke tiara, crafted by the skilled hands of Garrard & Co., designed to harmonize with the aquamarines. The tiara’s bandeau, a marriage of aquamarines and diamonds, bore three grand aquamarines standing tall at the forefront and each flank, ensconced within a glittering embrace of diamonds.


Brazil’s generosity continued to shine, embellishing the collection further. In 1958, Her Late Majesty received a bracelet and a brooch as graceful supplements to her parure. During a momentous State Visit to Brazil in 1968, the Governor of São Paulo presented Her Majesty with exquisite aquamarine and diamond hair ornaments, accentuating the ensemble’s allure.

It was during her inaugural State Visit to Brazil in November 1968 that Queen Elizabeth II traversed Recife, Salvador, Brasília, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, etching her connection with the nation.

In a tribute to time’s passage and her Brazilian sojourn, 1971 marked a pivotal moment. Her Late Majesty adroitly integrated scroll-designed hair ornaments into the aquamarine tiara, seamlessly replacing the central stone with the distinguished rectangular pendant aquamarine that once graced the Brazilian necklace.

Though Brazil’s embrace was graced by the Queen only once in her reign, it was reciprocated thrice through state visits. Her regal presence during these occasions was invariably adorned with pieces from the Brazilian Aquamarine Parure, a testament to the cherished significance of these jewels.

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the Brazilian Aquamarine Parure with her signature elegance. Notably, in 2017, the Spanish State Banquet was graced by her choice to don this resplendent set.

The tiara’s radiance, uniquely emblematic of Queen Elizabeth II, remains unparalleled. With its legacy unbroken, the tiara has solely adorned her regal brow, unshared by any other member of the Royal Family. Now, Queen Camilla inherits the honor of its guardianship, presented with the choice to retain it as a diadem exclusive to queens or to bestow its grace upon fellow family members.


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