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Colombian Emerald Tower Crafted to Capture Subtle Light

by Madonna

The narrative of opulent jewelry across Europe often traces its roots back more than a century to the emergence of family-operated workshops on the esteemed Place Vendôme in Paris. However, Laurence Graff, the distinguished luminary behind Graff and headquartered in London, has perpetually embraced an alternative tale.

Now in his 85th year, he continues to commemorate his inception as a resourceful teenager from London’s East End during the mid-1950s. Back then, he honed his skills mending Victorian trinkets, all while nurturing ambitions of evolving into a global diamond mogul. His vision encompassed the complete journey — from sourcing the stones through mining to the meticulous phases of polishing, designing, and ultimately presenting the resplendent masterpieces.


With the proliferation of his boutiques, he swiftly amassed an array of the planet’s most renowned uncut diamonds, notably including the amber-hued 299-carat Golden Empress and the monumental 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona. The latter, unearthed during an era-defying revelation, held the distinction of being the largest gemological find in over a century.


Graff’s unparalleled ingenuity in transforming these colossal stones into exquisite gems remains a perpetual wellspring of inspiration, profoundly shaping the house’s audacious design ethos.


Exemplifying the audacious flair is the recent revelation of their latest earrings: twin cascades of magnificent Colombian emeralds, collectively weighing an impressive 26 carats. These resplendent green towers are crowned by an exuberant trio of pear-shaped diamonds, each meticulously cut to ensnare even the most delicate hues of twilight radiance.


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