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Where to Buy Ruby Gemstone: Unraveling the Mystique of Stone

by Madonna

The ruby gemstone, with its captivating crimson hue and remarkable brilliance, has been a symbol of luxury and passion for centuries. Revered by royalty and cherished by connoisseurs, this gem possesses a mystique that sets it apart from all other precious stones. Finding the perfect ruby gemstone can be a thrilling experience, but it requires careful consideration and knowledge about reputable sources. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of rubies and guide you on where to buy them with confidence and trust.

Understanding the Allure of Rubies

Rubies, scientifically known as corundum, owe their vibrant red color to the presence of chromium in their chemical composition. The finest rubies come in a rich, deep red hue, often referred to as “pigeon’s blood.” This captivating color, coupled with their exceptional hardness (second only to diamonds), makes rubies an alluring choice for jewelry.


The allure of rubies extends beyond their beauty; they also carry a deep-rooted cultural and historical significance. In ancient times, these gemstones were believed to possess mystical properties, including protection from harm and prosperity for their wearers. As trade and exploration routes expanded, rubies traveled across continents and were exchanged as valuable gifts among nobility.


Factors to Consider When Buying Rubies

Investing in a ruby gemstone involves understanding several key factors that affect its quality, value, and authenticity. When considering a purchase, keep these essential aspects in mind:


1. Color: The Reigning Factor

The color of a ruby is the most critical determinant of its value. As mentioned earlier, the most sought-after hue is a rich red with a tinge of blue, known as “pigeon’s blood.” While slight variations in color can occur, the presence of undesirable tones, such as brown or purple, can significantly impact the gemstone’s value. Choose a ruby that exhibits a vibrant, intense red hue to ensure a captivating and valuable gem.

2. Clarity: Embracing the Inner Beauty

Like other gemstones, rubies can have internal characteristics called inclusions. While some inclusions are acceptable and can even confirm the gem’s authenticity, excessive cloudiness or visible flaws may diminish its beauty and value. Seek rubies with good clarity, where any inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

3. Cut: Unleashing the Sparkle

A ruby’s cut determines its brilliance and fire. An expertly cut ruby reflects light in a way that enhances its color and showcases its inner glow. When buying a ruby, pay attention to the symmetry, proportion, and overall craftsmanship of the gemstone.

4. Carat Weight: Finding the Balance

Carat weight is a significant factor in determining the price of a ruby. Larger rubies are rarer and command higher prices per carat. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between size and quality. A smaller ruby with exceptional color, clarity, and cut may be more valuable than a larger stone with inferior attributes.

5. Origin: Embracing the Legacy

The geographic origin of a ruby can add an extra layer of allure and value to the gemstone. Rubies from certain regions, such as Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, and Mozambique, are particularly renowned for their exceptional quality and color. However, it’s essential to obtain a reliable certificate of origin from a reputable laboratory to verify the gem’s authenticity.

6. Certification: Ensuring Trust and Confidence

Before making a purchase, always insist on a reliable certification from an independent gemological laboratory. Reputable labs, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), provide unbiased assessments of a ruby’s quality and authenticity. A certification ensures that you are investing in a genuine and accurately described gemstone.

Where to Buy Ruby Gemstones: Exploring Trusted Sources

Now that we have unveiled the mesmerizing qualities of rubies and the essential factors to consider when buying one, let’s delve into trusted sources where you can confidently purchase these precious gemstones:

1. Reputable Jewelry Stores

Established and reputable jewelry stores are often a safe bet when it comes to buying ruby gemstones. Look for stores with a long history of selling high-quality gemstones and a commitment to transparency. Reputable jewelers will provide you with certification and detailed information about the ruby, including its origin and any enhancements, if present.

2. Auction Houses

Major auction houses occasionally feature exceptional ruby gemstones in their sales. Participating in such auctions can be an exhilarating experience, offering you the chance to acquire unique and valuable pieces. However, ensure that the auction house has a robust reputation and that the gemstones come with reputable certifications.

3. Online Retailers with Credibility

The internet has made it possible to access avast array of gemstone options online. Look for online retailers with a strong reputation, positive customer reviews, and clear policies regarding gemstone certifications, returns, and exchanges. Verify that the website provides detailed information about the rubies and offers high-resolution images or videos.

4. Gem and Mineral Shows

Gem and mineral shows provide an opportunity to connect directly with dealers and explore a wide variety of gemstones, including rubies. These events often feature gemologists and experts who can guide you in your purchase. Ensure the show is well-established and attracts reputable dealers.

5. Local Gemstone Dealers

In some regions, you may find local gemstone dealers who source and sell precious stones, including rubies. Establishing a personal connection with a local dealer can provide you with insights into the gemstone’s history and origin.

Is it worth seeking advice from gem and jewelry industry experts?

Seeking advice from gem and jewelry industry experts is undoubtedly worth it when you are considering purchasing a ruby gemstone or any other valuable gem. These experts, such as gemologists, jewelry appraisers, and industry professionals, possess specialized knowledge and experience that can be invaluable in helping you make an informed decision.

It’s crucial to ensure that the experts you seek advice from are reputable, unbiased, and not affiliated with the seller. Look for certified gemologists or appraisers who adhere to ethical standards in their assessments. Remember that their role is to provide guidance and information to help you make an informed decision, but the final choice ultimately lies with you.

Consulting gem and jewelry industry experts is worth it for anyone considering buying a ruby or any other precious gemstone. Their knowledge, expertise, and insights can empower you to find a high-quality ruby that meets your desires and expectations, making your purchase a cherished and rewarding experience.


The ruby gemstone’s timeless elegance and allure continue to captivate jewelry enthusiasts around the world. As you embark on the journey to find the perfect ruby, remember to prioritize color, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, and certification. Explore trusted sources such as reputable jewelry stores, auction houses, online retailers, gem and mineral shows, and local dealers. By exercising due diligence and seeking guidance from experts, you can purchase a ruby gemstone that represents both a captivating piece of jewelry and a valuable investment for generations to come.

Remember, a ruby is not just a gemstone; it’s a symbol of love, passion, and everlasting beauty that transcends time and trends. Cherish it, and it will enchant you for a lifetime.


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