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Martin Rapaport Receives Recognition from Jewelers 24 Karat Club

by Madonna
The Jewelers 24 Karat Club of Southern California is set to honor three industry leaders: Martin Rapaport, Douglas Kazanjian, and Carl Larson for their notable contributions.

Martin Rapaport, founder and chairman of the Rapaport Group, will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his tireless efforts in advocating for an ethical, transparent, competitive, and efficient diamond market. This prestigious honor will be bestowed upon him at the club’s 80th gala dinner on September 24 in Los Angeles.

Douglas Kazanjian, CEO of Kazanjian Beverly Hills, will receive the Excellence in Service Award. Kazanjian’s achievements include the discovery of a historically significant 5.05-carat red diamond in 2007 and his philanthropic endeavors, such as donating the world’s four largest sapphires carved into busts of US presidents for display in the Oval Office. He is actively engaged in industry trade groups and shares his expertise on estate jewelry and gemstones through lectures across the nation.


Carl Larson, director of gems at Pala International, will be honored with the Rising Star Award. Larson, recognized for his exceptional talent in jewelry design, clinched the AGTA Spectrum Award in 2023. He is renowned in the industry as a trusted dealer and broker.


Club president Kimberly Overlin expressed excitement for the upcoming gala, affirming it as a continuation of the club’s legacy spanning 80 years. Attendees can anticipate a memorable evening filled with networking opportunities, recognition of industry achievements, and entertainment.


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