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Amish Shah Advocates Collaboration Between Lab-Grown and Natural Diamond Industries

by Madonna

Amish Shah, known for his advocacy in the realm of lab-grown diamonds through ALTR and J’evar, urges the jewelry industry to shift its narrative on lab-grown diamonds from one of apprehension to a discourse centered on innovation, creativity, and consumer appeal.

Speaking at the JCK Las Vegas show, Shah emphasized the need for collaboration, stating, “Are we done with the nonsense? Let’s work together.” He was there to showcase three new collections of lab-grown jewelry and to highlight the significant role lab-grown diamonds play in advancing fine jewelry.


Shah’s advocacy for lab-grown diamonds is well-established; named Lab Grown Diamonds Magazine’s Most Influential Voice in 2023, he is recognized by Forbes as a disruptor and technology enthusiast due to his unwavering dedication to lab-grown diamonds since founding ALTR Created Diamonds in 2016 and J’evar in 2023.


Shah envisions fashion diamond jewelry as the next frontier for lab-grown diamonds, marking a pivotal moment for the industry. Through J’evar, he aims to offer consumers another compelling reason to embrace lab-grown diamonds for everyday wear.


The Type collection by J’evar represents a groundbreaking achievement, featuring initials and letters cut from single pieces of lab-grown rough—a first in the industry, according to Shah. Produced by ALTR, each lab-grown diamond is meticulously hand-cut to ensure the desired shape and brilliance. Shah describes Type as “technology-guided, artisan-crafted,” a collaboration with jewelry designer Heath Wagoner to bring innovative shapes to life.

Shah believes that consumers seeking diamond fashion jewelry are primed for collections like Type. He asserts, “The consumer doesn’t need to sell themselves. They believe [in lab-grown diamonds].” Positioned in the fine jewelry space, Type offers designs priced between $1,500 to $5,000, setting a new standard for design and innovation.

J’evar’s Lotus collection, introduced in late 2023, is designed to envelop the lab-grown diamond like a lotus petal, ensuring a snag-free experience—an essential feature, particularly for tennis bracelets and necklaces, Shah explains. He emphasizes the importance of jewelry being not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable.

Additionally, J’evar is developing the Lighthouse collection, featuring a diamond cut reminiscent of a Fresnel lens, known for its ability to capture more light and enhance visibility over long distances. Shah anticipates that this uniquely faceted elongated oval-shape diamond will set a new industry benchmark, attracting more people to fine jewelry stores.

Shah underscores the need to dispel the negativity surrounding lab-grown diamonds and to craft narratives that resonate with consumers. Drawing parallels to the shift from traditional taxis to Uber, he asserts, “Having a vision is the first step” in shaping consumer perceptions and preferences.


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