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Top 5 Ideal Engagement Rings by Independent Designers Featured at LoveRing 2024

by Madonna

Tomfoolery London is hosting its annual celebration of love and commitment, featuring a stunning array of rings and jewelry from independent designers, perfect for all types of unions. This year’s LOVEring event showcases contemporary engagement rings, wedding bands, and thoughtful gifts for the bridal party.

Laura Kay, the creative director of the jewelry gallery, emphasizes craftsmanship and originality in her selection. This year’s collection reflects a trend towards vibrant colors, particularly shades of green, showcased in pieces by Ruth Tomlinson and Ciara Bowles. For those inclined towards warmer hues, Ellis Mhairi Cameron offers peachy sapphires, morganite, and tourmaline alongside her signature diamonds, capturing the essence of a sunset.


New additions for 2024 include designers Charlotte Rowena, Irena Chmura, Leto Lama, Rosalyn Faith, and Sarah Straussberg, whose sculptural designs adorned with diamonds are sure to catch the eye.


Toi et Moi rings are gaining popularity as a meaningful symbol of union, with tf House – Diamonds offering traditional white diamonds on simple bands, incorporating mix-and-match cuts that symbolize the unique halves of a partnership. Signet shapes, such as Leto Lama’s stunning watermelon tourmaline ring and Lynne Maclachlan’s sapphire solitaire, provide a distinctive way to commemorate a union.


Whether you’re searching for bridesmaid earrings or a commitment ring for your partner, Tomfoolery welcomes you until June 22 to explore their exquisite collection.


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