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India Pavilion Shines at 2024 JCK Las Vegas Trade Show

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Las Vegas, June 1st: The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has once again showcased India’s finest jewellery at the JCK Las Vegas trade show. Marking its 19th consecutive year at this event, the India Pavilion features exquisite designs and craftsmanship aimed at the western markets. The trade show, taking place from May 31st to June 3rd, 2024, is held at the Sands Expo & The Venetian.

The India Pavilion covers 4,900 square feet on Level 1 and Level 2, including the Passport Section, Diamond Pavilion, Lab-Grown, and Current Sections. This year, 39 member exporters are participating, offering a stunning array of precious metal jewellery, both plain and studded, as well as loose gemstones like diamonds and colored stones.


Vipul Shah, Chairman of GJEPC, said, “The India Pavilion at JCK Las Vegas showcases India’s unmatched craftsmanship and innovative design. With the USA market accounting for 30.2% or $9.94 billion of India’s total gem and jewellery exports in FY 2023-2024, it remains our largest export destination. We are proud to bring the best of Indian jewellery to a global audience, highlighting our designs and manufacturing capabilities.”


A key attraction is the India Design Gallery, located at L-105, Level 1. This gallery displays 20 stunning jewellery pieces, highlighting India’s rich heritage and modern creativity. The gallery is divided into two themes. The first, “Objet Trouvé” (Found Objects), features art crafted from natural or man-made objects, like vintage poker chips, antique coins, and collected shells. Highlights include a hairpin made of pinecones with gold and diamonds, and earrings crafted with old currency notes.


The second theme, “Unusual Materials,” combines familiar and unexpected materials, such as bamboo, wood, and leather, with at least 50% precious metals. Notable pieces include a bracelet made from gold and areca palm leaves, and cufflinks crafted from leather, moss agate, gold, and a SIM card.

India is a preferred sourcing destination for gems and jewellery in the USA. The Indian gem and jewellery industry is known for ethical business practices, transparency, and sustainability. Indian jewellers emphasize responsible sourcing and manufacturing, adhering to high standards of integrity and social responsibility. The industry supports fair trade practices, ensuring that gems and jewellery are sourced from legitimate, conflict-free origins while promoting the welfare of artisans and workers.

The GJEPC also organizes India Pavilions at other international exhibitions like Vicenzaoro and the Hong Kong Show. Additionally, GJEPC engages in trade promotion activities, including product-specific Buyer-Seller Meets and delegations to significant gem and jewellery hubs worldwide.


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