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Iconic Carter Jewelers Set for Transition as Long-Time Owner Plans Retirement

by Madonna

Jackson, Mississippi – After 25 years at the helm of one of the state’s oldest jewelry stores, Jerry Lake, the face behind the enduring smile of Carter Jewelers, is set to retire. The transition marks a significant change for a business that traces its roots back to 1849 when John Von Souter laid the foundation, a historical perspective that predates even Abraham Lincoln’s early political career.

Situated just around the corner from the state capitol, Carter Jewelers has been a fixture in Jackson since 1849, weathering the storms of history, including the Civil War, the Great Depression, two World Wars, and the recent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lake, who took the reins of the store in 1997, has been a steward of its legacy for a quarter of a century.


The journey hasn’t been without its trials, with break-ins in Jackson during the early 2000s and tornado damage in Vicksburg in 2019. However, each setback was met with resilience, and the business endured under Lake’s leadership.


As Lake contemplates retirement after nearly five decades in the jewelry industry, his primary concern is ensuring the continuity of Carter Jewelers. Dispelling any misconceptions, Lake emphasizes that his retirement does not signify the closure of the store. “A lot of people, when they heard about my retirement, thought the store was closing. It was really important to me that this store not close,” Lake stated.


The question of who will be the torchbearer for the Carter Jewelry store name has been answered. Lake shares his plans for a seamless transition, stating, “Hopefully, mid-February, I’ll be able to do some kind of a close and sell to my son. My store in Vicksburg, I’m selling to my general manager over there, Ginger Richards, who’s worked for me for 30 years.”

With this transition, Carter Jewelers is poised to continue its storied legacy under new leadership, maintaining its status as a cherished establishment in Mississippi’s jewelry landscape. The change in ownership is not just a passing of the torch but a testament to the enduring spirit of a business that has withstood the test of time.


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