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Pricey Oversight: 12-ct Kashmir Blue Sapphire Revealed as Lab-Grown

by Madonna

A recent case highlights the pitfalls of purchasing precious gemstones abroad, as an undisclosed customer acquired a 12-carat Kashmir Blue Sapphire, only to discover it was lab-grown. The oval modified step-cut gem, elegantly set in a white metal ring, was acquired during the customer’s travels in Indonesia and came complete with a seemingly trustworthy lab report.

Concerns arose when local jewelers, enlisted for alterations, questioned the authenticity of the gem. Subsequently, the customer opted for a lab test at the Gemological Science International (GSI) facility in Mumbai, uncovering a costly revelation.


Under meticulous magnification, the GSI Mumbai lab identified numerous tiny gas bubbles and curved striae, unmistakable indicators of the flame fusion laboratory growth process commonly associated with synthetic gemstones.


While the customer chose not to disclose the purchase price, authentic Kashmir blue sapphires, considered the most coveted of all sapphires, typically command prices ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per carat, contingent on quality. In stark contrast, lab-grown sapphires can be acquired for a fraction of the cost, often priced in the mere hundreds of dollars.


Deepa Srinivas, Chief Gemologist at GSI India, issued a cautionary note, emphasizing the deceptive practices that some sellers employ. She warned that sellers may assert the natural origin of gemstones and provide fabricated laboratory reports to validate their claims, often at discounted prices.

In this particular case, the fraudulent seller went to great lengths, creating a synthetic sapphire that aligned with the specifications on the lab report, thereby misleading the unsuspecting client.

Srinivas emphasized the importance of vigilance, especially for tourists, advising them to make purchases exclusively from reputable stores or brands that offer gemstones accompanied by legitimate laboratory reports. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for due diligence in the acquisition of precious gems to avoid falling victim to such deceptive practices.


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