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Tokyo’s Jewel Maven Mio Harutaka: Weaving Memories into Gemstone Tales

by Madonna

Mio Harutaka, the Japanese jewelry designer based in Tokyo, artfully captures memories in gems, infusing whimsy and elegance into her creations. Her portfolio boasts jeweled citrus slices, strawberries, snails, and even a Pegasus-winged horse, each piece a testament to her unique vision.

“Everything comes from my experience, and also my favorite things,” says Harutaka, showcasing a necklace and earrings set adorned with 18-karat white and rose gold rosebuds set with diamonds. “For this one, I wanted to capture the moment before the rose blooms.”


Primarily retailing through esteemed outlets such as Dover Street Market and the Ritz Paris, Harutaka’s work has gained admiration for its playful yet chic designs. Emily Wong, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, notes, “Mio Harutaka’s nature-inspired products stand out for their playful yet chic designs.”


In a glass display case at Lane Crawford adorned with moss and leaves, Harutaka’s creations become a fanciful miniature garden, a visual treat for customers. Among her best sellers are the famed Bunny rings and Honey Bee earrings, celebrated for their quirky charm.


Harutaka’s craftsmanship reflects a delicate Japanese aesthetic. The Bunny ring, for instance, goes beyond being a gem-covered piece; it exhibits personality with its ears cocked and a nose tipped up. “Please touch it,” Harutaka urges during showroom visits. “When you put it on, the bunny rests its chin on the next finger.”

Working with craftsmen based in Tokyo or Yamanashi, the heart of Japan’s jewelry industry, Harutaka collaborates with artisans whose skills align with her designs. The attention to detail is evident in pieces like the Daisy ring, where each petal moves independently, a feat that took over a year to achieve.

The Ivy Ring, covering most of the finger yet allowing movement, and the Snake Bracelet, featuring connected snakes with intricate detailing, exemplify the versatility and creativity in Harutaka’s designs.

Born and raised in Fukuoka, with a mother also a jewelry designer, Harutaka moved to Tokyo nearly two decades ago. After enrolling in a program at the local Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), she began her journey in the world of jewelry design.

Harutaka’s philanthropic efforts shine through her brand, as she donates a portion of sales to Diamonds for Peace, an NGO improving environmental and socio-economic conditions in diamond mining communities. Her donations have funded projects such as constructing beehives for alternate income in Liberia.

As she delves into traceability and considers using origin-identified diamonds, Harutaka focuses on the first Mio Harutaka store, recently opened in Tokyo’s Azabudai Hills. Designed by the renowned architect Hiroshi Sugimoto, the store reflects a convergence of clean, tranquil style with Harutaka’s colorful jewelry.

Her new collection for the store includes the Nanook brooch, featuring a polar bear holding a flower, and the Pianoforte two-finger ring, replicating a piano keyboard with diamonds and black onyx.

Harutaka concludes, “My collection has become largely a reflection of my personal experiences and memories, thoughts that pop up in my mind. I have tried to capture the beautiful moments of a flower’s life, and of animals about to move, in my jewelry designs.”


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