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Harry Winston’s Storied Legacy Unveiled in the Royal Adornments High Jewelry Collection

by Madonna

For decades, the House of Harry Winston has epitomized the art of crafting timeless jewels, a tradition continued with the unveiling of the opulent High Jewelry collection, Royal Adornments. Renowned as the “King of Diamonds,” Harry Winston’s legacy is deeply interwoven with the sourcing and setting of rare and extraordinary gemstones. The Royal Adornments collection stands as a testament to the house’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its historical ties to royalty.

A Heritage of Rare Gemstones

Harry Winston’s prowess in stone collecting drew inspiration from the jewel boxes of historical figures like Marie Antoinette and Catherine the Great. The House of Windsor, as noted by Life magazine in 1952, was considered the only rival to Winston’s stone-collecting expertise. Beyond lending jewelry to red carpet actresses, Winston maintained discretion, creating bespoke pieces for nobility worldwide, establishing a profound connection between the house and royalty.


Celebrating History: Highlights from the Collection

1. The Duchess Necklace


In 1949, Winston acquired the entire jewelry collection of Irish-American socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean, including the famed Hope Diamond. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, patrons of Winston, acquired notable pieces, including the Windsor Heart. The Royal Adornments collection pays homage to Wallis Simpson’s fondness for yellow diamonds with a 40.11-carat Flawless Fancy Intense yellow radiant-cut diamond at the heart of the Duchess Necklace.


2. The Marquess Necklace

Former Maharaja of Indore Tukoji Rao III’s Indore Pears, acquired and recut by Winston, inspired the Marquess Necklace. Intricate craftsmanship showcases baguette-cut diamonds, paying tribute to the original ribbon necklace that once held the Golconda diamonds.

3. The Countess Necklace

Once part of Russian Empress Catherine the Great’s collection, the Catherine the Great Sapphire found its way to Winston in the late 1940s. The Countess Necklace, an extravagant homage, features a 30.27-carat octagonal-cut sapphire suspended from a necklace of signature diamond-and-sapphire clusters.

4. The Baroness Suite

Inspired by the Maharaja of Indore necklace, the Baroness Necklace boasts 104 pear-shaped emeralds and a central 4.33-carat square-cut emerald. Meticulously selected for their color and brilliance, the emeralds are intertwined with 294 mixed-cut diamonds, echoing the grandeur of Winston’s historic acquisitions.

A Continuation of Legacy

The Royal Adornments High Jewelry Collection is not merely a showcase of exquisite craftsmanship but a celebration of the enduring legacy of Harry Winston. By drawing on specific gemstones, designs, and stories, the maison reaffirms its commitment to dressing influential figures while embracing a modern sensibility, solidifying its place as a custodian of history and elegance in the world of high jewelry.


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