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Dazzling Finds: Holiday Gift Guide 2023 Unveils Exquisite Jewelry Selection

by Madonna

This holiday season, elevate your gifting game with the most exquisite and fashionable jewelry pieces featured in our curated Holiday Gift Guide 2023. From Sotheby’s unmarked Gold and Diamond Paperclip Link Earrings to the handcrafted elegance of Scosha’s Diamond Diadem Ring, these selections promise to enchant and delight.

1. Gold and Diamond Paperclip Link Earrings from Sotheby’s:

These chunky paperclip link earrings, crafted in 14k yellow gold, exude contemporary sophistication. The bottom link sparkles with pavé-set diamonds, weighing approximately 0.50ct, adding a touch of luxury to this trendy style.


2. Poppy Curb Chain Bracelet by Jade Trau:

A bracelet that seamlessly blends vintage appeal with modern elegance, the Poppy Curb Chain Bracelet by Jade Trau features three pear and marquise diamonds on a soft-hued yellow gold curb chain. Ideal for layering, it pairs beautifully with the ID Bracelet and the Harlow Two-Tone Diamond Line Bracelet for a mix of metals.


3. Fringed Gold-Tone Crystal Earrings by Rosantica:

Michela Panero’s Rosantica presents these Gold-Tone Crystal Earrings, a dazzling accessory perfect for the festive season. Inspired by the artistic visions of Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo, these earrings boast tiny crystals and delicate chain strands, making them an ideal choice for celebratory occasions.


4. Giant Gold Curb Chain Necklace by Tilly Sveaas:

Tilly Sveaas, renowned for her chain jewelry, introduces the Giant Gold Curb Chain Necklace—a timeless beauty that is ultra-chunky at 2cm wide and 41-43cm long, weighing in at 350 grams. This statement piece is also available in bracelet form for those seeking a bold and distinctive look.

5. The Diamond Diadem Ring by Scosha:

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, the Diamond Diadem Ring by Scosha is a subtle yet striking statement piece. Featuring nine interlocking bezels set with bright white diamonds in a unique chain link design, this ring offers a blend of elegance and modernity. A version with emerald stones is also available for those seeking a touch of color.

6. The Rocky Road Bracelet by Tilly Sveaas:

Crafted from 24k gold-plated, 100% recycled bronze, The Rocky Road Bracelet is a testament to Tilly Sveaas’s commitment to sustainable luxury. Hand-carved in wax and cast through the ancient method of lost-wax-casting, this bracelet is a unique and environmentally conscious addition to any jewelry collection.
As you embark on your holiday shopping, these handpicked jewelry selections promise to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your festive celebrations. Explore the timeless craftsmanship and contemporary designs that make each piece a true work of art.


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