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Jewelers of America Unveils Nominees for 2024 GEM Awards and Lifetime Achievement Recognition

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New York — Jewelers of America (JA) has officially disclosed the nominees for the highly anticipated 2024 GEM Awards, accompanied by the announcement of the recipient for the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award.

The awards, recognizing outstanding contributions in elevating the visibility and status of fine jewelry and watches, will be presented in three categories: Jewelry Design, Media Excellence, and Retail Excellence. The winners are scheduled to be revealed during a prestigious ceremony on March 8th in New York.


Susan Jacques, the CEO of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her noteworthy contributions to the industry.


The list of nominees is as follows:


Jewelry Design:

1. Marla Aaron

2. Marie Lichtenberg

3. Jean Prounis

Media Excellence:

1. Milena Lazazzera Martins Alexandre – Luxury Editor at British Vogue, Freelance Journalist for The New York Times, Financial Times, Vogue Business, Vanity Fair, and Tatler.

2. Tanya Dukes – Former Accessories Editor of Brides magazine, Former Senior Jewelry Editor for Indesign and Instore magazines, Freelance Writer for The International New York Times, Elle Décor, Robb Report, and The Business of Fashion.

3. Alexis Wolfe – Fashion and Accessories Market Director at Elle magazine.

Retail Excellence:

1. Ben Bridge Jewelers (Ben Bridge)

2. Irene Neuwirth (Irene Neuwirth)

3. Ylang 23 (Ylang 23)

The GEM Awards represent a celebration of excellence within the jewelry industry, recognizing those who have made remarkable strides in pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. As the anticipation builds, the industry looks forward to the awards ceremony on March 8th, where these outstanding individuals and brands will be duly acknowledged for their contributions.


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