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Exclusive Luxury Gift Ideas for Discerning Jewellery Aficionados

by Madonna

As the holiday season approaches, elevate your gift-giving game with exquisite pieces from the Canadian luxury jewellery label, KORITE. Renowned for its meticulously crafted ammolite collection, each piece is not only a testament to exceptional artistry but is also ethically sourced, accompanied by a lifetime guarantee.

Ammolite, a gemstone formed from the fossilized shells of prehistorical ammonites, boasts iridescent features that render it one of the world’s most unique gemstones. Rare and exclusive, ammolite is exclusively found in the Bearpaw Formation of the Canadian Rockies, earning its distinction as Alberta’s official gemstone.


From minimalist sterling-silver rings to intricate pendant necklaces crafted with 14-karat gold and white diamonds, KORITE’s latest jewellery collection caters to a range of styles and budgets. Here are ten standout pieces, just in time for the holiday season:


1. Starlight Trillion Ammolite Pendant With White Diamonds in 14-Karat Gold

A show-stopping gold pendant featuring a trillion-cut A or AA grade ammolite accented with white diamonds.


Price: $3,395

2. Starlight Trillion Ammolite Ring With White Topaz in 18-Karat Gold Vermeil

A statement ring, available in two different stone grades, adorned with white topaz stones.

Price: $895

3. Clover Ammolite Ring in 14-Karat Gold

A clover-shaped ring featuring four colorful oval ammolite stones with a timeless design.

Price: $3,495

4. Organic Ammolite Earrings in Sterling Silver

Classic drop earrings offering a burst of color for everyday wear.

Price: $595

5. Waves Ammolite Bracelet in Sterling Silver

A cuff from KORITE’s Waves collection with a hidden hinge, featuring unique free-form ammolite.

Price: $795

6. Prisma Ammolite Earrings in Sterling Silver

Modern geometric stud earrings versatile for both casual and formal occasions.

Price: $695

7. Knots Ammolite Necklace in Sterling Silver

A pendant necklace with a large oval ammolite accented with white topaz stones, destined to become a future heirloom.

Price: $1,095

8. Unity Ammolite Bracelet in Sterling Silver

A chic sterling-silver chain-link bracelet suitable for standalone elegance or layering with other accessories.

Price: $795

9. Origins Sterling-Silver Round Ammolite Ring

Ideal for fashion minimalists, this ring from the Origins collection makes a bold style statement.

Price: $645

10. Barre Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver

Embrace the quiet-luxury trend with this modern necklace highlighting a slim rectangular ammolite.

Price: $995

For those seeking a distinctive and meaningful gift, KORITE’s ammolite collection combines unparalleled beauty with ethical sourcing, making each piece a timeless expression of luxury and style.


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